On one hand, natural male enhancement is a thing. You can grow your member without surgery or hormone therapy.

On the other hand, the exercises that maximize your member take work, study, effort, focus, and a long-term commitment to the task.

It’s kind of like losing weight that way. You can totally shed those pounds, if you’re willing to put in the gym time and cut out the excess calories.

But some unprincipled sons of (*%#*) will try to sell you supplements that let you lose weight without exercising or going on a diet.

They promise you big results without real effort.

It’s the same with penis enlargement pills, the kind you get ads for when you disable your spam blocker accidentally.

But they’re popular. People buy them.

Why? What’s the deal? What do they claim? How do they stay in business? Most importantly…

Do they work?

Penis Enlargement Pills Basics

As the name implies, a penis enlargement pill contains a nutritional supplement purported to increase the size of your penis. 

Most of them make the case for this claim in one of two ways:

  • Testosterone boosters. It has been clinically proven that boosting testosterone can improve penis size and cause harder erections (source). Various herbal compounds can help boost testosterone, and some are sold as size enhancers for men.
  • Vascularity boosters. These improve blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis. Men report many of these work great for improving erectile function. That extra blood flow is the core mechanic behind exercises like jelqing and clamping, so the connection is there.

If you use penis enlargement pills, the idea is to take them like any other kind of supplement. Once the nutrient has been boosted in your system long enough, its impact should make your penis larger.

Emphasis on “Should.”

The Case For Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enlargement pills “look good on paper,” meaning the theory behind them sounds reasonable, so it seems like they could possibly make a penis grow.

Vascularity boosters not only work in theory, but in practice can produce much larger and harder erections. A man who takes the pill and notices the immediate gain might not think to measure scientifically a few weeks later.

Testosterone boosters do on a micro-scale what mega-dosing with pure testosterone has been proven to do. They should work just fine. Also, more testosterone can do the same thing for erections that vascularity boosters do.

In both cases, the illusion of fostering growth is strong…and the erection thing does mean short-term actual and temporary growth.

Then again, so can a lap dance or a new piece of lingerie worn by your partner.

Which is how those who make money off of this particular brand of snake oil are able to make their claims.

But even their strongest impact on penis size is temporary and unreliable, as we’ll see next…

The Case Against Penis Enlargement Pills

So they work in theory…but why don’t penis pills actually work in real life?

Testosterone boosters don’t work because they don’t deliver enough testosterone, consistently. The kind of testosterone treatment they sometimes use to cure hypogonadism takes more ginseng than a human can eat without poisoning himself.

Vascularity boosters don’t work because their benefit is temporary. They don’t make the tissues in your penis stretch permanently the way jelqing or extending do.

They just give you a bigger, badder boner until the supplement wears off.

Look at it this way: the most ethical of male enhancement pill distributors claim their products work when combined with penis exercises.

It’s a lot like those sugary breakfast cereals you kept bugging your mom for when you were a kid…

Remember how the ads said “nutritious as part of this complete breakfast?” And then they showed you a place setting with the cereal, and a glass of OJ, and toast, and bacon, and probably a multivitamin?

Like my mom pointed out then, if it needs all that stuff to be nutritious, it is not nutritious.

And if penis pills need exercises to grow your penis, brother, it is not the pills doing the growing.

As a general rule, you’ll find information on penis enlargement pills in three places:

  • Sites owned and run by people or companies that sell the pills
  • Penis enlargement forums where men discuss male enhancement
  • A few medical websites discussing penis enlargement from a clinical perspective

Two of those three agree that penis enlargement pills don’t work. Care to guess which disagrees?

As a general rule for life, if the only person who says something works is a person who makes money from selling that something, it doesn’t really work. 

The Ugly Truth About Male Enhancement Pills

A few other things to know about penis enlargement pills…

  • Almost all manufacturers and distributors of penis enlargement pills are headquartered in countries that won’t prosecute for consumer fraud.
  • Supplements are not highly regulated by the FDA. Manufacturers aren’t even required to make sure the label on the bottle accurately reflects the contents of the pill, let alone produce any proof their claims are true.
  • Many male enhancement supplements manufactured in China, Malaysia, or Singapore have been shown to have high levels of potentially dangerous contaminants mixed in with their active ingredients.

So let’s put this in perspective, folks…

Penis enlargement pills:

  • May or may not contain significant amounts of the compounds they claim.
  • They may cause a temporary increase in penis size.
  • That increase will disappear as soon as you lose your boner.

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work – Conclusion:

So, do male enhancement pills work?

Nope. Nyet. Nein. No sir…

Penis enlargement pills only work if by “work” you mean “work for the manufacturers to make them money.”

In other words, they will not make your penis larger permanently no matter how many you take.

That said, natural penis enlargement methods do exist…

And they work, reliably, without side effects or reliance on for-profit herbs, drugs or medications.

UPDATE: Vitamins D3 & K2 for Penis Enlargement

Now, I know I just spent this entire article telling you that there are no supplements out there that will make your penis bigger solely through taking them regularly, but some recent medical research has shown that there are some common vitamins which might help you get an edge.

This data comes from a peer-reviewed study done by three American doctors which sought to judge the impact of vitamins D3 and K2 on penis size.

In the study, a group of men was given specific daily doses of both vitamins, with measurements of penis size taken before and after the study.

Results of the study were significant. Subjects who received regular doses of vitamins D3 and K2 saw their penises increase in length by an average of 0.46 inches, and increase in girth by an average of 0.523 inches.

Those are serious gains that some men spend months or even years trying to achieve with extenders and other techniques.

Now, truth be told, these vitamins have shown some promise in the area of penis enlargement before, but this is the first time that real enlargement gains from these vitamins were verified in a scientific setting.

In separate studies, vitamin D3 has shown some other great benefits for men’s health.

In one study, 3,400 men were surveyed – those who lacked vitamin D were 32% more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction, while those with higher levels reported stronger, more consistent erection quality.

Why does vitamin D appear to improve erection quality?

It could be because vitamin D has been shown to keep blood vessels healthy – this means better blood flow to the penis, which results in stronger erections.

Another study, this one out of Germany, recently showed a clear link between vitamin D and testosterone levels in men.

In this study, scientists gave subjects regular doses of vitamin D and discovered that this resulted in a small but significant increase in testosterone levels.

Vitamin K has also been well-known to provide some key benefits for men’s health.

This vitamin plays a key role in synthesizing protein so that our blood can effectively clot in order to stop bleeding after an injury.

This is also critical for strong erections – once blood enters the erect penis, it’s vitamin K that helps it stay there.

Vitamin K also helps keep arteries healthy…

It keeps arteries elastic and flexible so they can effectively expand and contract, another important part of strong erections (and penis enlargement).

Vitamin K has also been shown to increase the production of testosterone and sperm in men’s bodies.

Men with lower vitamin K levels have shown lower testosterone levels than men with consistently higher levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is also critical for keeping blood rich with proteins and other nutrients.

Now, I know you might be wary of this after everything else I’ve said, but the scientific data on vitamins D3 and K2 is strong.

Using these two vitamins together is totally safe and could have a big impact on the size of your member, and the success of your enlargement routine.

To learn more about these vitamins, check out this article.

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