If you’re a man born to have a small penis…

You can fight that with any number of penis extension exercises we discuss on this site.

But there’s another cause of small penises, penile atrophy, which isn’t that simple.

Penile atrophy isn’t just having a miniscule member. It’s when your penis is actively shrinking for one of several causes.

You can use penis extension exercises to grow your penis while it’s getting smaller, but that’s an uphill battle for two reasons.

First, you’re in the middle of a two steps forward, one step back situation.

You’ll be losing size as you gain it, meaning you do all that work for minimal rewards. Your progress will be slower, and cementing gains to make them permanent will be nearly impossible.

Second, you’re treating a symptom but not the disease.

If you don’t address what’s shrinking your unit in the first place, all the extension exercises in the world will only do you so much good. Record-breaking growth will remain temporary as the other processes going on make those inches disappear.

So, then, what can you do about it? You start by understanding the most common causes.

What Causes Penile Atrophy?

Unlike natural small size, which is usually genetic, lifestyle and environment are behind penile atrophy. Six main factors cause the majority of penile atrophy cases:

  • Aging, which reduces testosterone and increases blood flow issues. Both of these can lead to shrinkage of a flaccid penis and to smaller erections.
  • Hormone Imbalances, caused by a wide range of factors, can reduce testosterone and/or increase estrogen for a smaller unit while limp and hard.
  • High Stress, which sets up a hormone process that literally eats your testosterone. As with a general imbalance, this can lead to a smaller penis.
  • Excessive Masturbation destroys processes that keep your penis healthy and of healthy size, and the neurological processes for arousal, erection, and climax.
  • Injury to the Penis doesn’t have to mean losing the member. Damage to the tissues can cause shrinkage and/or erectile dysfunction.
  • Overweight and Obesity cause both apparent shrinkage as your unit looks smaller next to your thighs and belly, and actual shrinkage due to how fat cells alter your hormone balance.

You’ll notice that none of these factors are things that jelqing, or hanging, or wearing a penis extender, are likely to help.

That’s why I recommend handling these issues before moving on to a regular penis extension routine, or as an adjunct to addressing the causes.

How to Reverse Penile Atrophy, Naturally

Although a variety of factors can lead to any of the causes I just listed, making just three changes can stop and even reverse penile atrophy in most cases.

1: Replace Masturbation with Growth Exercises

Works best for: injury, excessive masturbation, hormone imbalance

I mentioned above why excessive masturbation (especially to video and hard core pornography) is a problem.

Stopping masturbation is one necessary step, but you can double-down by replacing it with jelqing, or edging, or using a penis extender.

Doing this attacks the problem from both ends. Quitting masturbation restores the hormone balance necessary for healthy penis size, and helps you with your general erectile quality.

Meanwhile, the growth exercises stimulate testosterone production, reduce stress, and begin the physical processes of growing your penis.

It’s a one-two punch that can fix a lot of troubles.

2: Get Back to a Healthy Body Weight

Works best for: aging, hormone imbalance, high stress, overweight

Being overweight causes troubles beyond the apparent and actual size loss I mentioned. It can also hurt circulatory health, cause depression, and generally mess up nearly every system in your body related to penis health.

So seriously, get svelte. It will make your penis larger and help how good you feel about your penis in general.

Get two or three cardio workouts each week, plus two or three resistance workouts. Cut out sugary foods, soda pops, and empty snacks. Phase in lean meats, organic vegetables, and plenty of seeds and nuts.

I’m not going to pretend shedding pounds is easy. It takes focus, determination, discipline, and time. But it is simple, and it’s definitely worth it.

3: Cut Back on Alcohol

Works best for: hormone imbalance, high stress, overweight issues.

Although media imagery has led us to associate drinking — even unhealthy and binge drinking — with being “manly,” the opposite is the truth.

Study after study have found that too much alcohol damages testosterone production, sperm count, sperm health, erectile function, libido, and fertility (source).

Some of those issues directly contribute to penis shrinkage, while others just make it harder to use your penis effectively regardless of its size. Either way, limit yourself to just a couple of drinks a week if you drink at all.

If you must drink, stick with wine.

The micronutrients in wine can stimulate testosterone production. Hard liquor is neutral, but risky because it packs a bigger punch. Beer is the worst, as it signals your body to produce extra estrogen.

How to Reverse Penile Atrophy – Conclusion:

If you suffer from penile atrophy, the bad news is penis enlargement exercises aren’t the best way to keep your penis at the size to which you’ve become accustomed.

Fortunately, many of the causes of penile atrophy have cures that are easier than natural penis enlargement. Just fix the lifestyle and environment factors responsible.

While you’re at it, you can engage in a handful of lifestyle choices that increase your testosterone, reduce stress, and improve your general health.

Even if they don’t help your penis situation (though they probably will), they’re good enough for you that you should be doing them anyway:

  • Eat a nutritious diet that avoids too many carbs and gives you all the vital nutrients your body needs
  • Spend time with friends and family in ways that reduce your stress
  • Get outdoors for 20 minutes every day
  • Do “man stuff” like lifting weights and competitive sports
  • Have sex with somebody other than yourself preferably somebody you have a good relationship with.

Between these things and your specific fixes, you should be back to your normal size in no time.

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