Making your penis larger isn’t risky in the way
skydiving and being an international spy are…

But neither is it as safe as sitting at home binge-watching Netflix with your door securely locked.

Thing is, nothing that improves you is entirely without risk. Penis growth is no exception to this universal rule.

Also like other kinds of growth, you can mitigate the risks of penis growth by understanding what they are.

Let’s look at the four most common methods for natural male enhancement.

What level of risk are they? What are the risks? What’s the worst-case scenario? How do you avoid getting hurt?

1: Safe Penis Enlargement –  Penis Hanging — HIGHEST RISK

Penis hanging works by attaching heavy weights to your junk and letting them dangle.

What could possibly go wrong? It’s no coincidence that a behavior very similar to extreme BDSM techniques is also the penis enlargement technique with the highest associated risks.

Among them are:

  • Loss of girth as you pull the penis too long. Just like stretching a tube of Play-Do, pulling too long, too fast takes the gains from your circumference.
  • Injury to the glans. If you hang the equipment wrong, most of the weight pulls on the back of the head, which isn’t up to the task of supporting it.
  • Necrosis and gangrene. Blood loss is a risk from doing this wrong, and long-term blood loss kills tissue. When the tissue dies, gangrene is a risk.
  • Traumatic injury from too much weight tearing the tissues in your penis. At its worst, this has caused injuries which required amputation to treat.

Still reading? Good. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you’d tapped out and decided not to mess with your penis size at all.

Happily, those risks are easy to avoid. Think of this like any other workout with heavy weights. The worst-case recorded scenario for heavy bench press is decapitation, but that’s an easy situation to avoid. Here’s what you need to stay safe while hanging.

  • Install the hanger correctly. Read the directions. Try early with low weights. Double-check your work. Most injuries happen because the weight rests on a small part of your penis, rather than being distributed throughout the shaft.
  • Massage afterward. The seriously bad stuff happens when you don’t restore blood flow after your hanging is over. Massage your member to get the blood flow back to normal after each session.
  • Start slow. Five pounds for five minutes is plenty for most men at the beginning. Even after you’ve worked your way up, obey the maximum weight limits listed by the manufacturer. Opt for longer sessions at low weight over increasing weight quickly.

2: Safe Penis Enlargement –  Jelqing and Stretching — MODERATE RISK

Both of these techniques consist of manipulating your member manually — stretching or massaging your penis with specific intent. On one hand, it’s hard to deliver severe and traumatic injury to yourself accidentally with this kind of thing.

On the other, you can expose yourself to troubles that sneak up and accumulate over time.

Those troubles include:

  • Scar Tissue. You’re going to tear the tissue in your junk. That’s how this works. But if you overtrain and overstretch, you can get scar tissue much like stretch marks. Sometimes that tissue also has reduced sensitivity.
  • Uneven Shape. Because you’re doing this by hand, it’s easy to miss spots or otherwise exercise your penis unevenly. Over time, this can mean extension in some parts of your penis but not others. The result is bending and curvature.
  • Reduced Erectile Function. Too much manual stimulation can fatigue the tissues down there to the point that you have fewer, lower quality erections.

As with the penis hanging, all of these risks are fairly easy to avoid if you follow the best safety practices for moderate risk penis enlargement. The trouble is, none of these injuries show up obviously at first. You’ll need to watch carefully for symptoms of overtraining and injury.

The biggest indicators are small red dots, small spots, or a darker penis color in general. These are all signs of damage to the blood vessels in your penis.

Think of these like the canary in your penis enlargement gold mine. Slow things down  if you see them.

More serious issues include bruising to the penis, pain in the shaft, or any pain in your testicles. If you experience any of these, take a good break and let your member heal.

3: Safe Penis Enlargement – Penis Extending — LOW RISK

Penis extension is the safest method on this list, and the only one used in legitimate medical trials to treat small and misshapen penises (source).

“Safest” doesn’t mean “absolutely without risk.” A few bad things can happen if you use your penis extending device poorly:

  • Tissue Death from loss of blood flow and overuse, with the same potential dangers as tissue death from hanging.
  • Uneven Growth. One medical use of penis extenders is to correct the shape of damaged or diseased penises. That same mechanic can cause bends and curves if you use the extender wrong.

Unlike hanging, these problems simply don’t have to happen if you follow three basic rules.

Rule One: No wearing it longer than 8 hours in every 24. Start much slower than that, but even at the height of your training longer sessions are a no-no.

Rule Two: Follow the directions. If you don’t, you’re at risk for cutting off circulation and changing the shape of your unit. Avoid both by reading and obeying the manual.

Rule Three: Do not sleep with it on. You won’t be able to tell when your circulation is going bad, or feel the light pains that indicate an impending injury.

(Dis)honorable Mention: Hormones and Surgery — EXTREME RISK

Big Pharma will tell you the only ways to make your penis larger are to dose you with testosterone and put you under the knife. Known risks and side effects of these methods include permanent impotence and death.

Worse, you have no control whatsoever over how much of a risk you’re in. It’s all in the hands of the doctors, and the conglomerates who manufacture the hormone doses.

Avoid these. They’re not worth it.

Safe Penis Enlargement – Conclusion

If you want to grow your penis, you will have to take a few risks. But if you’re smart, and careful, listen to the experts on the forums, and follow any manufacturer instructions, you should be all right.

While you’re at it, avoid these all-too-common errors that can hurt you no matter which method you choose:

“No pain, no gain” — it’s not true with other exercises, and it’s not true here. If it hurts, stop. Discomfort is okay, but pain hurts gains.

Too much, too soon — ease your way into any penis enlargement exercise routine. I know you want big gains fast, but getting too strenuous too fast will slow your gains or stop them entirely.

Skipping the warm up — all of the exercises on this list rely on tissue elasticity to work. A good warm up increases that elasticity and prevents damage to the tissue. No warm up can mean tears that force you to stop for months.

Avoid these, and follow the directions, and even penis hanging will be safe enough for you to “try at home.”

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