Do you think your penis is too small?  If so, you may have short penis syndrome.

According to research reported in the British Journal of Urology (1).

  • 45% of men think their penises are too small
  • Only 0.6% of men have the medical condition of a micropenis 
  • 85% of women are perfectly happy with the size of their partners’ penises

That tells us that you’re probably worrying about the size of your penis more than you should.

But worrying about your penis can do harm all by itself.

Here’s what you need to know about short penis syndrome, it’s scary big brother micropenis, and what you can do about both.

Short Penis Syndrome — It’s All in Your Head

The research shows that if you incorrectly worry about your penis size, it’s probably because you’re comparing it to the johnsons you saw swinging around in that porn you snuck a peek at.

But here’s the thing about that.

You remember those boobs you also saw when you were looking at porn?

By and large, were they the same size as normal women’s boobs? Were they, by and large, average? Something most women should aspire to?

No. They were enormous. In many cases, big enough to cause back pain and mobility issues in regular life.

Further, you’re perfectly happy with the B or C cup your partner has now, no matter how many triple-FFFs you saw flapping on the screen during your last fap.

So it is with short penis syndrome…

Those tallywackers over on PornHub were chosen for being larger than life. They’re supposed to be abnormally big. So give yourself a break. Your penis, is almost certainly just fine.

Short Penis Syndrome vs. Micropenis

Even if your penis is a little smaller than average, it’s really no big deal.

Just like that girl you dated with the mosquito bite breasts who made up for it by being really good at sex, you can focus on your other attributes and make a partner perfectly happy.

But a micropenis is an entirely different situation.

Whereas a smaller than average penis measures somewhere between and  3 and 4.7 inches when erect, a micropenis is smaller than 2 ¾ inches fully engorged (source).

Micropenis is a medical condition caused by a birth defect, and usually identified in early childhood.

If you’re actually capable of penetrating your sex partner with your penis, you do not have a micropenis. Your penis may (or may not) be smaller than average, but it isn’t a medical-level problem.

If you do have a micropenis, the news is still good. Penis enlargement routines work on micropenises just as well as they do on the regular model.

Short Penis Syndrome – The Downward Spiral

Remember earlier when I said short penis syndrome is all in your head?

That’s true, but not everything that’s “all in your head” is entirely harmless. Short penis syndrome is different than just living a normal life with a smallish member.

At its worst, it goes a little something like this:

  • The victim decides — rightly or wrongly — that his penis is really, really small
  • This interferes with his confidence in bed and with women, which leads to him having less sex
  • Less sex reduces testosterone — which can actually shrink a man’s gonads, leading to a smaller penis
  • Meanwhile, the lack of relationship and reduced testosterone can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • All three of those things can further reduce testosterone and further shrink the penis and testicles
  • The victim notices his penis is actually shrinking, and starts the whole cycle over again

This is bad, not just because of what’s happening but because it didn’t have to happen since the victim’s penis was probably perfectly serviceable.

Most experts recommend therapy or self-help to get over the psychological challenge of Small Penis Syndrome, but for some that’s not enough. They need to take steps to increase their penis size.

Luckily, that’s totally doable. And safe. It doesn’t even require you to take drugs or pay a plastic surgeon.

Short Penis Syndrome — How to Make it Bigger

A dedicated regimen of penis enlargement exercises applied consistently over time will help both with your actual penis size and your belief in how big your penis is.

This is true whether you have an actual micropenis, or if you’re just convinced you need to be packing something of a heavier caliber.

The options for penis enlargement exercises are wide, but here is my favorite routine:

Use the links above to find details on each of these proven methods.

One other note on enlarging your penis. If you conduct your penis growth exercises instead of masturbation, you will find you experience the best of both worlds (physically and psychologically).

Turns out that “using” porn does a big number on most of your important sex hormones, reducing sex drive and testosterone production, and making sex less enjoyable. This translates to a smaller penis, softer erections, and less desire to use what’s left of your penis.

Further, porn erodes your self-confidence, increases anxiety and depression, and sets you up to have unrealistic expectations about the size of your penis, your performance with your partner, and all manner of other small and large sexual hangups.

Short Penis Syndrome – Conclusion:

Even if your short penis syndrome is a matter of self-image rather than medical fact, you can do something about it by applying yourself to a dedicated exercise program to improve length and girth.

If your penis is actually far smaller than average, the same thing is true.

And if you can’t tell whether or not your penis is too small, guess what? It doesn’t matter. The exercises will improve its size and your confidence as long as you work your program.

Bottom line: feeling like your penis is too small is pretty common.

And though it’s not easy to fix, it is possible. 

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