Here’s why you need to test erection quality…

Just like any other workout regimen, you can overtrain on your penis enlargement exercises. If you do that, your results will suffer.

Some men just see smaller gains. Others stall out and plateau at a certain length. Others even lose size.

Bottom line: overtraining your penis is bad for you.

The best “canary in the coal mine” for early overtraining detection is erection quality. If you find you have less “lead in your pencil,” it’s a good sign that you should ease off on your enlargement regimen for a while.

But full-on ED shows up after you’ve been overtraining for a  while — long after the overtraining has begun to hurt your gains. 

To prevent this from happening, try one of these erection quality tests to see if you’re overdoing it…

RigiScan to Measure Erections

The RigiScan is a device used to test erection quality continuously over a period of time, used by urologists to measure erectile health, and by criminologists when investigating sex offenders (source).

It has a pair of elastic loops connected to a scanner.

One loop goes around the base of the penis, the other below the glans. Every fifteen to thirty seconds, the device slightly tightens the loops and measures when they meet resistance.

The remainder of the device gets strapped to your waist or thigh, and keeps a record of the different girths it detects, giving you a history of how erect the penis has gotten while it was worn.

It’s the gold standard of erection quality tests, but to get access you’ll have to see a doctor, and get approved for the tests. And shell out money for a co-payment. It’s not cheap, and it’s not easy. 

Snap-Gauge Test & Erection Quality

Nocturnal erections — boners you get at night — are a sign of healthy erectile function and a penis that isn’t being overtrained.

But you’re not going to ask somebody to stay up all night and watch to see if you get an erection. The snap-gauge test does that for you.

It looks like those slap bracelets you had as a kid, the ones that wrap around your wrist.

The ends have colored bands you align with one another when you put the snap-gauge on, just before you go to sleep.

If you wake up with the colored bands no longer aligned, you’ve probably had an erection big enough to push them out of alignment.

If they’re still in place when you wake up, you probably didn’t. The test has several bands, so it can show you a rough measure of the size and quality of the erection. 

Doctors use the gauge to tell if a patient’s impotence is physical or mental.

People with ED problems stemming from psychological issues like stress or performance anxiety still have healthy nocturnal erections when their brain can’t get in the way.

The Stamp Test & Nocturnal Erections

Want to measure results, but you don’t want to spend the time and money to access specialized medical diagnostic equipment?

Try the stamp test.  It might seem a little weird, but it’s a reliable indicator (source).

The stamp test is basically a cheaper version of the Snap-Gauge test. It works like this, step-by-step:

Step One: Buy six postage stamps. They need to be in a roll, not a sheet.

Step Two: Wear briefs or boxer briefs to bed. You can wear pajamas over them, but you need a little protection for this to work.

Step Three: Slide your penis (it should be flaccid) through the gap in the front of your underwear.

Step Four: Moisten one stamp, then wrap the stamps around your penis and use the moistened back to overlap them and seal it in place like a concert admission bracelet.

Step Five: Slip your penis, with the stamps around it, back inside your underwear.

Step Six: Go to sleep.

With the roll of stamps in place around your flaccid member, any kind of erection will break the perforation and separate the roll.

If you wake up with the roll intact, you didn’t have any nocturnal erections that night.

The Hardness Scale and Erection Qualityhow-to-test-erection-quality

For the quickest and cheapest test of your erections, this is your answer.

Doctors and other experts use the Erection Hardness Score (EHS) to test a man’s erection quality. It’s a score of 0 to 5, based on the man’s reporting of his penis at its maximum hardness while fully excited:

0 – The penis does not enlarge, even when stimulated

1 – The penis grows in size, but does not become hard

2 – The penis grows larger and harder, but not hard enough to penetrate a partner

3– The penis is hard enough to penetrate a partner, but not fully hard

4 – The penis is fully rigid and as hard as possible

If you’re always at a 4 in the morning, and during sex, you have nothing to worry about. At a 3, you’re probably okay, but keep an eye on things. A 2 or lower is a definite warning sign.

How to Test Erection Quality- Conclusion:

Most aspects of penis enlargement leave a lot to you to decide. I give you information. Then you choose what works for what you feel comfortable with, and what you want to get out of your routine.

This isn’t one of those aspects. The facts are pretty clear.

1. You should be checking your erection quality as an early warning sign against overtraining problems.

2. Nocturnal erection quality is a good indicator, because it’s usually the first thing to go if you train too hard.

3. You don’t need to deal with doctors and shell out copayments to get the early warning you want.

Only try the RigiScan or Snap-Gauge if you have a serious hard-on for technology and data (see what I did there?)

For the rest of us, the stamp test is probably the best bet.

Erection Hardness Score is simple, but it relies too much on self-reporting, and it’s easy to psych yourself out with it and get a false positive.

Use it more as a general guide, and then apply the stamp test if you begin to get worried.

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