If you’ve spent some time over in the penis power forums, you’ve almost certainly seen mention of the Toilet paper roll penis test.

What is it? How does it work? Does it mean anything at all? Is it BS?

I don’t claim to have all the answers about everything. I don’t even claim to have all the answers about enlarging your penis. But this one’s pretty straightforward.

So, here’s what I know.

Toilet Paper Roll Test – The Debate

The first thing you’ll see if you read the forums and blogs enough is there appears to be a debate between two camps.

  • The length group, who claim the toilet paper roll penis test is a way of figuring out if your member is long enough.
  • The girth group, who claim the toilet paper roll penis test is a way of figuring out if your member is thick enough.

Both groups have their reasons and their methods, and some members of either group can get pretty stupid about the opposing team.


I see both tests as useful, with a slight preference toward the girth group…but I only prefer the girth method because studies show women who care about the size of your unit care more about girth (source).

But really, if you use the test at all, it works fine for both. Let’s look at each method and figure out what’s what.

Toilet Paper Roll Test Girth Method

Here’s how you use a toilet paper roll to test whether or not your penis is thick enough:

Step One: Get a toilet paper tube. Empty makes the process easier, but isn’t all that important.

Step Two: Get your penis good and hard. How you choose to do that is between you and your god.

Step Three: Try to stick your penis in the toilet paper tube.

If you can fit inside, the story goes that your member isn’t thick enough. If you can’t, that’s supposed to mean that its fine, girth wise.

But is it BS?

At the end of the test, you know whether or not your penis has a circumference greater than or less than that of a toilet paper tube.

But what does that mean, in terms of penis size in the real world?

Let’s run the numbers…

The standard circumference of a toilet paper roll’s tube is 5 ½ inches. If you can fit inside, your erect penis is smaller than that. If you can’t, it’s bigger.

Dr. David Veale of King’s College London reviewed 17 studies that measured men’s penises, a total of 15,521 men of different ages, races, health levels, and body types. His work is now the standard for figuring whether a man is of large, small, or average size.

According to Dr. Veale, the average circumference of an erect man’s penis is just under 4 ¾ inches. 

Bottom Line: if you can “pass” the test by failing to get your penis in the tube, your penis is a little thicker than average.

Toilet Paper Roll Test Length Method

Here’s how you use a toilet paper tube to find out if your penis is long enough:

Step One: Get the toilet paper tube, just like with the girth method.

Step Two: Get your penis good and hard, using whatever means you like best.

Step Three: Stick your penis into the tube. If you pass the girth test, you’ll need to lay your penis alongside the tube instead of sticking it in. Don’t worry. It won’t screw up the test.

Step Three: Check whether or not you can see your penis sticking out the opposite end of the tube. If you’re laying your penis alongside the tube, check which is longer: the tube, or your member?

If your penis is longer (whether you know that by checking visibility or by comparing lengths), the test says it’s plenty big.

But is it BS?

The length of a standard toilet paper tube is 4 inches.

Dr. Veale’s research included length measurements, and he says the average length of a man’s erect penis is around 5 ¼ inches. 

Bottom Line: if your penis is shorter than a toilet paper tube, it is more than in inch shorter than average. That’s pretty small. 

Now, you can modify the test a little and check to see if the length of the shaft only (not including your head and glans) is longer than the tube. That puts the measurement at about average if you’re longer, below average if you’re shorter.

Toilet Paper Roll Penis Test – Conclusion:

Like I said, you can use the test either way. I recommend both.

Once you’ve done both tests (using the shaft-only modification), you end up knowing your penis falls into one of four groups.

  • Group One: pass both. Your penis is at least average in length and thicker than average.
  • Group Two: fail both. Your penis is shorter than average, and at most average in girth.
  • Group Three: fail length, pass girth. Your penis is shorter than average, but a little thicker than most men.
  • Group Four: pass length, fail girth. Your penis is at least as long as average, but either only average or smaller than average in girth.

Now you know which group you belong to. Now, what should you do about it?

If you’re in Group One, it’s (probably time to celebrate). You don’t need to make your penis bigger, but if you passed it by a wide margin your penis could be too big for your partners. Don’t worry, though. They’ll probably tell you if that’s the case.

If you’re in Group Two, you should consider natural male enhancement with a penis extender device, jelqing, or other exercises proven to be safe, permanent, and effective. But don’t get too wound up about it. Overwhelmingly, women report that penis size matters less than things like confidence, personality, and general physique.

If you’re in Group Three, I definitely recommend time with a penis extender. Most other exercises grow girth and length, which could end up making your penis too thick for your partner by the time you get your length up to par. 

If you’re in Group Four, jelqing and other exercises might be right for you. Most penis enlargement techniques focus on length, but you can achieve girth gains by using exercises in the right way.

In conclusion, the toilet paper tube test is arbitrary and definitely a little weird, but it does give good information.

Use it if you want as a way to test yourself and set goals for your gains.

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