Can trimmed pubic hair make your penis look substantially larger?

Let’s put it this way…  Man showing woman his penis

Imagine a tree in the middle of a forest. Now imagine a tree standing in the middle of a prairie.

Which one looks taller?

I’ve written many times on this page about how belly fat makes your penis look smaller. (Imagine a tree next to a mountain to understand how this works).

Today, we’ll talk about making your penis stand out from the crowd by trimming back that pubic hair. We’ll look at why, how, and some popular alternatives to using your trimmers.

Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size

In case it needs to be said, trimming your pubic hair won’t actually make your penis larger.

I know you didn’t need to read that, but we all know that one guy who does.

But a penis in a nest of bushy pubic hair is only partially visible.

It also shares “eye space” with the hair, so all in all it looks smaller by comparison.

Contrast this to a penis that’s sharing “eye space” only with trimmed back or shaved pubic hair. Every millimeter is visible, and it stands proud above its surroundings.

Like that tree on the prairie.

This is why men in porn shave their junk. It makes what they’re packing look bigger.

I’ve never been entirely clear on why women in porn go Brazilian so often, but that’s a matter for another article.

Trimmed Pubic Hair Step by Step

Okay. You’ve decided to trim your pubic hair for the first time, and you’re nervous about it.

Which is perfectly natural. You’re putting sharp implements next to some of your favorite parts. I get it.

But don’t worry. Men do this every day. Here’s how to do it safely.

Get the Right Tools

Your mission, now that you’ve chosen to accept it, requires the following tools:

  • A good, small comb. Don’t use a brush or a large comb. You want the flat, black, little one like the Fonz kept in his pocket.
  • A pair of sharp barber’s scissors. Don’t skimp out and use the ones from your office.
  • A beard trimmer. Not a hair trimmer. The larger models are too bulky for this job.
  • A large towel. Any kind will do.

Straighten and Protect

A lot of men skip this step, and they’re so wrong in doing that. Trust me. You’ll be glad you started here.

Step One: Lay down someplace comfortable, with a towel underneath your butt. You could theoretically do this for the next part only, but then you’d have to get up and fetch the towel.

Step Two: Gently comb your pubic hair until it’s untangled. Do one section at a time. If if “pulls” the hair and stings, pinch the hair with your free hand between the comb and your skin.

Step Three: Slide the comb into your pubic hair so it rests flat against your skin, forming a protective barrier while most of your hair is free above the comb.

Cut With Scissors

Clippers on long hair feel like they work by yanking out the hairs one by one, which is not an experience you want for the skin down there.

So we’ll start by using scissors to cut your hair down to a more clipper-friendly length.

Step One: Take the scissors in your good hand. Use your empty hand to push back any parts of your legs, belly, or scrotum the scissors might poke or tough.

Step Two: Place the flat of the scissors against the comb, and cut the pubic hair.

Step Three: Repeat step two until you’ve cut down all the hair running through the comb.

Step Four: Move the comb to the next section of your hair.

Step Five: Repeat until you’ve cut all the hair your comb can get to.

After step five, you’ll probably have a patch of hair or two the comb couldn’t reach.

Very carefully snip those hairs down, using your free hand to protect your skin as well as possible.

The end result is hair between ¼ and ½ inch tall all around your pubic area.

Trimming Down Further

A lot of men are perfectly happy with the results from the scissors job, but you can take it a step further.

Using trimmers for a final pass makes the trim job more uniform and attractive, and can also shave off an extra fraction of an inch.  

Step One: Attach a blade guard. It’s tempting to go without, to get the trim as close as possible, but the blade gets hot after a while.

Also, it’s possible to cut yourself with the unguarded blade. This stings, and bleeds a lot.

There’s no better way to make sure you never trim your junk again.

Step Two: Use your free hand to pull the skin as smooth and taut as possible. You’ll remember this from shaving your face.

Step Three: Lay the blade guard flat against your skin, pointed toward the grain of the hair.

Step Four: Trim with the grain. This is usually a downward motion, toward your feet.

Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size: (Tips and Warnings)

There are right ways and wrong ways to do this, and not everybody agrees on what those are. Here’s what I’ve discovered from my own research, reading and experience.

Do go slow and steady with this. Give yourself twice as much time as you think you’ll need.

You do not want to be in a hurry while using scissors next to your man meat.

Don’t skimp on the equipment.

Sharp scissors and high-quality trimmers make a huge difference in how quick and good the job is, and how much injury you risk.

Do invest in a nose and ear trimmer.

They’re just the thing for those nooks your scissors and regular trimmer can’t quite reach.

Don’t try to power through. Research by Dr. Benjamin Breyer of UC San Francisco found that 3% of adults who came to the ER did so because of “grooming injuries.” (1)

If you get a little nick, stop and treat the wound. Take a break, then come back to it later.

Do use a disinfectant after you’re finished.

Although this is more important if you’re shaving (see below), infections on small nicks or in pores is easy in your pubic area.

You’ll discover other best practices for your hair and junk as you go, but keep this in mind from the beginning.

Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size: Shaving

You’ve trimmed down and like how much better it looks than when you’d just done the scissors cut.

Does that mean shaving down to the skin looks that much better again?

In a word, guys…no. No it does not.

That extra ⅛ to ¼ inch of bush removal won’t make that much of a difference.

And full shaving puts you at a much higher risk for nicks, cuts, infections, rashes, ingrown hairs, and a half-dozen other issues.

Plus you’ll need a brand-new, high-end razor for the job.

Also, you’ll need to shave your balls. That’s a whole different pain in the ass that I don’t recommend if a larger-seeming penis is the only reason you have for it.

Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size: Alternatives

The scissors-and-trimmers method is the most common method for whacking your pelvic bush back to size, but it’s not the only one.

You’ll also hear about using depilatory creams like Nair, or waxing your junk in the male version of a Brazilian.

From conversations I’ve had and forum posts I’ve read, men seem to be either very for or very against using depilatory creams.

The men who love them talk about how quick and easy it is: put the cream on. Wait. Wipe the cream and hair away.

The men who hate them say the cream burns and causes rashes. Also, about 1% of men report the cream also eats away some of their skin.

A few also just hate the smell. This one’s probably a matter of personal choice.

If you have sensitive skin — or skin that’s just sensitive to the chemicals in depilatory creams — this is a non-starter.

If not, it’s a lot easier than trimming, and hurts less than waxing.

Waxing your junk is a study in contrasts.

On the one hand, it does get you about as smooth as possible without seeing a professional, and the results last a good while. On the other, it hurts like hell.

This isn’t a macho thing. Don’t sign up to prove you can “take it.” Just decide whether or not it’s worth the pain.

Also worth noting: your first time, you’ll have to trim yourself with scissors anyway. Waxing a full bush never works how you’d like it to.

Trimmed Pubic Hair and Penis Size-Conclusion

Whichever method you choose, chances are your first attempt will take longer, hurt more, and look worse than you expected.

But never fear. You’ll have to do this once a month or so, and — like everything else in  life — you’ll get better with practice.

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