According to research in 2014, about 77 percent of men in the US are circumcised. 

The same study found that number has been declining by a little more than 1 percent per decade, but most men are circumcised. 

Because of this, uncircumcised men who want a larger penis need to pay extra attention. 

Most of the methods you can try will work just fine as-is. Others will require adjustment to be effective and remain safe. 

Uncircumcised Penis Enlargement: Your Unfair Advantage

Circumcision is cutting off the foreskin, which means surgically removing some of the tissue on your penis. 

You might have read a study about how foreskin can comprise as much as 80 of penile skin, but the source of that statistic is an article against circumcision and widely regarded as biased (source).

Still, more unbiased estimates put it at 16 to 18 percent. That means your penis is 16 to 18 percent larger than it would be if you had been circumcised.

So you’ve got that going for you. 

But don’t get “cocky.” As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the foreskin retracts and becomes practically invisible when you get hard. You’re a natural shower, but not much of a grower. 

Uncircumcised Penis Enlargement: The Big Problem

As you may have already guessed, the issue with penis enlargement for uncircumcised men is the presence of your foreskin. This can potentially cause issues in two ways:

  1. Physical issues. Not all devices and techniques work with a loose, moving layer of skin at the head of the penis. It gets in the way, or can become torn or caught. The worst case here is injury, though most likely you’re just risking frustratingly slower progress.
  1. Infection risks. As an uncircumcised man, you already know you need to take extra hygiene steps because of the warm, moist pocket your foreskin creates over the head of your penis. Some techniques can get substances in there that increase infection risk. 

Neither of these problems is insurmountable. They just call on you to pay extra attention and take extra steps. Below you’ll find those steps for the most common forms of penis enlargement. 

Uncircumcised Penis Enlargement: The Details

Like I said, some things are just the same with penis enlargement. The techniques you can use without change include:

  • Penis enlargement herbal treatments. These don’t work reliably, but they don’t interact physically with your penis. 
  • Surgery. This is another technique I really don’t recommend, but they can do it with foreskin or without. 
  • Manual stretching exercises, like jelqing, lazy-ass stretches, and piss pulls. These work by starting the grip below where the foreskin starts, so are usually effective and safe unmodified.

Other techniques and methods require a little more attention. Each has some rough spots that could trigger one of the two problems above, but most have work-arounds. 

Hanging for Uncircumcised Penises

Hanging is stretching your penis by dangling heavy weights off the shaft. Follow this link for full details on hanging exercises. 

Because your foreskin is looser and more sensitive than the tissue on your shaft, men on the forums report bruising, scarring, stretch marks, and even blisters from the equipment used to attach the weights to your pecker. 

Some men report you can avoid or alleviate this by wrapping properly and using talc while hanging. 

They also recommend starting with very light weights and working your way up slowly. This will slow your progress, but not as much as a blistered dick. 

Never retract your foreskin while hanging. This can tear your foreskin and cause permanent damage. No size gains are worth that, or even the risk of it. 

Penis Extenders for Uncircumcised Penises

A penis extender is a device you wear that keeps your penis in a stretched state for hours each day. 

Follow this link for full details on penis extenders. 

Earlier models of penis extender were a no-go for uncircumcised men because the foreskin didn’t provide a place for the device to grip the penis. 

It would slide, preventing the extender from, you know, extending. 

Modern extenders are either compatible with foreskin, or you can order an attachment that makes them so. Assuming you buy the right device, you can use them otherwise just as an circumcised man would. 

Lotions and Creams for Uncircumcised Penises

Lotions and creams cause (temporarily) larger erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. 

Follow this link for full details on penis enlargement creams and whether or not they work. 

This is a hygiene issue, plain and simple. If you spread the lotion or cream on the head of your penis, and allow the foreskin to close over it, this can cause problems. 

You’re not really supposed to use it on the head of your penis anyway, but if you’re uncircumcised just be extra careful to avoid doing that. Or at least to clean it off thoroughly before you finish. 

Penis Pumps for Uncircumcised Penises

Penis pumps manually draw blood into the penis, making it artificially engorged and temporarily larger. Follow this link for full details on penis pumps. 

At low pressures, penis pumps work fine and dandy on men with foreskin. At high pressures, though, the more sensitive, weaker tissue can cause problems. 

On the less harmful side, the weaker tissue may respond more, causing an “donut effect.” 

This is where the foreskin swells more than the rest of the penis. It’s harmless, but looks and feels strange. This is not how to impress a new partner.

At higher levels of pressure, you risk the same ripping and tearing you might from hanging with your foreskin retracted. 

Bottom line: buy a model with adjustable pressure, and aim low.

Uncircumcised Penis Enlargement: Conclusion:

Can you succeed with penis enlargement if you weren’t circumcised?

YES. Absolutely. 

Your foreskin might interfere with your process and progress without the proper steps, but the steps involved are fairly simple. 

Just like doing penis enlargement exercises without a foreskin, the trick is to understand what you’re doing, and to work your program correctly in order to avoid injury.

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