Why do men fail at Penis Enlargement?

If you google penis enlargement  you’ll find two opinions on the topic:

#1: Men who are happy with their results from penis enlargement

#2: Men who swear up and down that penis enlargement doesn’t work

Is one group lying? Is the first group entirely in the pocket of Big Penis Enlargement?

Or is the other group part of a worldwide conspiracy to keep penises small?

None of the above.

The second group tried penis enlargement and failed (or read forum posts by other people who failed).

They truly believe penis enlargement doesn’t work for anybody because it didn’t work for them. 

But group number one made it work….

And they accomplished this by avoiding the most common and growth-threatening mistakes people make when they attempt to develop larger penis.

Here they are for you to learn so your penis enlargement routine yields real and permanent gains.

Lack of Consistency

Imagine the following conversation:

DUDE: Push ups don’t work.

OTHER DUDE: Wait, what? Really?

DUDE: Yeah. I did pushups and didn’t get any stronger.

OTHER DUDE: How many pushups did you do?

DUDE: 150 a day.

OTHER DUDE: Wow. And you didn’t get stronger?

DUDE: Nope.

OTHER DUDE: That sucks! How much time did you spend on this scam?

DUDE: Three months.

OTHER DUDE: You did 150 pushups a day for three months with no gains?

DUDE: Well, for the first couple of days. Then I got sore and skipped a day. Then I did a couple more days. Then I forgot for a week. The third month I did it maybe twice. Man, push ups are such a scam…

Look, fellas, gains in the penis department are like gains with your muscles.

If you get to the gym three times a week, work out with intent and intelligence, and keep it up for months in a row…you’re gonna see changes in your body.


But what happens if you tell yourself “I’m gonna get jacked up” but then only hit the gym once a week, or go three times a week to start, then skip a month because you got distracted?

This is also true with penis enlargement. Most of  the men who say they tried it and it didn’t work did the routine for a little while, then started to skip days. Then they started to skip weeks.

Two months later, their penises are exactly the size they were when they started.

And then they go on the forums and say penis enlargement doesn’t work.

Beat this by setting a plan for your penis enlargement and sticking to it for a minimum of six consistent and consecutive months. 

Start measuring your results around the third week, and no matter what keep at it. 


This reason why some men fail at penis enlargement is the opposite of what I just talked about.

Just like doing to little too infrequently can kibosh your gains, going too hard too soon can slow, stop, or reverse your progress.

Again, this is just like any other workout routine…

If you train too hard, the tissues you’re trying to build won’t get a chance to rebuild.

You end up just breaking things down without the recovery and growth period that’s an essential part of the process.

Remember: enlarging your penis through exercise is a process of stretching the tissues in the penis until the “new normal” is an elongated state, like with a rubber band.

But this “new normal” cannot be achieved without proper rest to give your body time to repair and rebuild broken down tissue.

And that’s not even getting into what happens if you injure yourself and have to take some time off.

Beat this by not overdoing doing your routines, taking rest periods and stopping entirely if you experience chronic pain.

While you’re at it, pay attention to your morning wood. It’s an early warning system for all kinds of penis problems.

If it’s softer or less persistent than normal, scale back on your training.

Not Giving it Enough Time

Penis stretching (using a penis extender device) is the only form of penis enlargement exercise clinically proven to work in multiple studies.

The research is so settled at this point, additional studies are investigating different applications of this proven fact.

They already know it works.

But there’s another finding from those studies besides the effectiveness of consistent, safe penis enlargement exercise:

The average time frame for those studies was six months

Some subjects saw some results within the first three weeks, but you’re looking at the better part of a year before you can rely on seeing meaningful, permanent gains.

So if somebody tells you penis enlargement doesn’t work, and then say they tried it for just a few weeks…you now know what to think about that.

Beat this in two ways. First, have faith in the proces. Again, this has been proven in multiple scientific trials. This will work if you give it the time required. 

Second, measure your results beginning in the third week or so.

Track your progress…however incremental. You won’t get massive gains in the first month, but if you see the little improvements it will keep you going until you’ve achieved what you set out to do. 

Using Potions, Lotions, Pills, and Creams

You see these “solutions” to penis size advertised online all the time, promising multiple inches of gains right away.

Some of these are complete “snake oil,” but some of them do “work.” Sort of. In a way. Arguably. From a certain point of view.

These products temporarily increase penis size by widening the blood vessels in and around your penis. It increases the blood flowing down there when you get an erection. More blood = bigger penis.

Until the blood stops flowing, at which time your penis goes back to its normal size.

Like using a penis pump, these products offer a quick fix solution that at best gives the appearance of a larger penis but no permanent gains.

Beat this by resisting the temptation for the quick, temporary fix. Go for quality, permanence, and real gains. This is your penis we’re talking about. Don’t settle for McDonalds. You want Ruth’s Chris. 

Not Tracking Results

I touched on this in two earlier pieces, but it’s so important it bears mentioning again.

There’s a famous saying from business: “What gets measured, improves.” And it applies to any kind of workout for physical gains, including your penis program.

When you don’t measure your progress in any kind of incremental progress, three bad things happen:

  • You have no idea whether or not your efforts are working
  • You can lose motivation by not realizing gains
  • You can’t adjust your program to meet what it’s doing

So, like I’ve said earlier, measure your penis every few months during your program.

Use a journal where you track your specific penis enlargement efforts (time spent, method used, etc).

Wait three months before measuring your gains and record the results in your journal.

Measure at the same time of day, under as similar conditions as possible, so you are comparing apples to oranges. 

For example, measuring once getting out of a hot shower and a second time getting out of the pool will yield wildly different results. Go for consistency, and be patient.

Big gains come over time! 

Panicking From Side Effects

When you work out, you’ll experience fatigue, muscle soreness, and odd food cravings. But you know that’s what to expect, and you power through it until your body adjusts to the new regimen.

Penis enlargement exercises also have side effects, including:

  • Minor aches in the groin
  • Increased sensitivity of the penis
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Raw skin
  • Itching
  • Rashes
  • Spotting on the penis

These are all uncomfortable, and potentially embarrassing…but normal and no emergency. You can take steps to relieve the discomfort, and continue with your routine.

Many men panic when they experience these symptoms, and stop the program. It’s totally understandable: this is your penis we’re talking about.

But if you remember that this is just the penis enlargement version of muscle soreness, you can keep on training until your body adjusts to the routine.

Keep on keeping on.

That said, some symptoms indicate that your efforts are damaging your penis:

  • Severe impotence or ED
  • Persistent Pain
  • Loss of morning wood
  • Large spots of burst blood vessels
  • Enduring redness or color changes
  • Any change in the shape of your penis (not just the size)

Most of these problems come from misusing a penis hanger or aggressive jelqing.

Stop your program immediately and take one to three weeks off while your member heals.

When you come back to your exercises, back down on the intensity to avoid the injuries.

Beat this by tracking your side effects and symptoms carefully. You can even use the same journal you use for recording your routines and results. 

Remind yourself that the minor side effects are nothing to be worried about, while remaining vigilant for signs of overtraining and damage. 

Hormonal Imbalances

A good balance of testosterone vs. estrogen in the male body is important to keeping your penis the size you want it to be.

That’s because low testosterone (or high estrogen) can result in hypogonadism: the shrinking of the testes.

And if your gonads are shrinking, the best results you can hope for from penis enlargement exercises is to stay at the size you’re at.

If you’re following the best practices and avoiding the mistakes I’ve listed above, and you’re still not seeing gains, the problem could be with your hormonal balance.

A variety of factors can lead to (and help to fix) underproduction of testosterone or overproduction of estrogen. A few of these include:

  • Your body composition in general
  • Too much belly fat (in particular)
  • Diet
  • Exposure to certain chemicals
  • Aging
  • Various physical ailments

If you suspect hormonal imbalance is hurting your penis enlargement efforts, you may want to get your hormone levels checked. If you’re not ready to see a doctor yet, start by making some simple changes to your diet and lifestyle habits.

You should also grab a copy of this ebook (no charge) that will teach you how to boost your testosterone levels naturally. 

No Lifestyle Support

You may be getting tired of hearing this, but here’s another way penis enlargement is like other workout programs.

Imagine you’re trying to lose weight by getting some running in three times each week.

If you do that while also eating a low-calorie diet and minimizing how much time you spend on the couch, you’ll lose weight faster.

If you keep eating fast food and spending your free times in front of Netflix, your results will come slower.

See also: power lifting for bulk. If you just work out, you’ll see some gains. But if you take the right supplements and avoid certain foods, you’ll get bigger much faster.

The same goes for making your penis larger. Lifestyle support will improve your gains. Failure to make the right lifestyle decisions will slow your progress.

Beat this by eating testosterone-friendly foods, such as shellfish, grassfed beef, white button mushrooms,and cruciferous vegetables.

While you’re at it, spend time on the forums for penis enlargement. Every self-improvement activity works better when you’re surrounded by folks who are taking on the same challenges. 

Why Men Fail at Penis Enlargement: Conclusion

If you care enough about your body to work on enlarging your penis, you’re probably already familiar with the ways exercise works and doesn’t work to create muscle gains and weight loss.

And if you’re already familiar with that, many of the entries in this list probably come as no surprise.

Men who tell you penis enlargement didn’t work for them are men who didn’t do it properly.

If you do it right, and you stick to your regimen, you WILL see the kinds of gains you were hoping for.


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