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Penis Enlargement Hard Gainer Tips

Man walking up a pole

Ever notice how some of your friends just drop pounds with minimal dieting or get seriously jacked with only a little time at the gym? While others of us sweat and starve and work our butts off for slow, painful gains or weight loss? It’s just the way it is. Genetics is a harsh mistress. […]

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Best Beginner’s Penis Pump

Picture of a penis pump

So what’s the best beginners penis pump? I’ve personally tired several different brands and nothing really stuck until I started using the Bathmate. What I mean by this is… It’s easy to buy an enlargement tool, but making the commitment to use it consistently over many months or even years, is easier said than done. My […]

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Improve Erections With Penis Enlargement

Phallic symbol of a mountain shaped like a penis

Men who worry about their junk usually worry about it for one or both of the following reasons: They think their penis is too small They think their erections are too weak The good news is both problems have a number of similar causes. That means fixing one can mean fixing the other. Let’s take […]

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The Fastest Way to Increase Penis Size

Man running

You know the old joke about the priest who prayed for temperance, sobriety, and chastity…but just not yet.  If you want penis size gains, you’re the opposite.  You want more inches, and you want them now. Turns out there are two answers to the question what is the fastest way to increase penis size?  Which […]

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A Brief History of Penis Enlargement

Statue of nude and and woman

Just because you see ads for penis enlargement pills in the margins of your favorite adult sites does not mean enlargement is a new thing.  Men have been making their penises larger for thousands of years, using a variety of techniques.  That means two important things for modern men with smaller junk…. Number One: Penis […]

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Uncircumcised Penis Enlargement

Penis shaped tree phallic symbol

According to research in 2014, about 77 percent of men in the US are circumcised.  The same study found that number has been declining by a little more than 1 percent per decade, but most men are circumcised.  Because of this, uncircumcised men who want a larger penis need to pay extra attention.  Most of […]

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Fat Loss and Penis Size

man measuring stomach fat

Okay, guys. You already know you should be keeping your weight in a healthy range. But you’re not doing it. Why aren’t you doing it? Because you’re not motivated enough yet, right? But what if I told you getting rid of that spare tire can make your penis look larger? Would you be motivated then? […]

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Does Smoking Shrink the Penis?

Man smoking a cigarette

You’ve been told forever that smoking is bad for your heart and lungs, for your teeth, and probably for your skin.  But lately you’ve been hearing alarming things about it being bad for your penis.  Can it be true? Can smoking actually make your penis smaller? The short answer is yes. Kind of. In a […]

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Why Men Fail at Penis Enlargement

Man measuring penis

Why do men fail at Penis Enlargement? If you google penis enlargement  you’ll find two opinions on the topic: #1: Men who are happy with their results from penis enlargement #2: Men who swear up and down that penis enlargement doesn’t work Is one group lying? Is the first group entirely in the pocket of […]

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Male Enhancement Creams

Woman measuring penis

You’ve seen it in your email spam box, and advertised on the…um…”documentary”…sites you visit. Male enhancement creams to make your wang grow three times its size overnight! You’ve seen the pictures. You’ve read the claims. You may even have clicked through to see a few more details of what those ads promise. But do they […]

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