Scientists studying the subject of sexual health continue to provide us with new data, which we can use in our quest for male enhancement and overall sexual health. 

As many of you already know, anything that improves a man’s overall sexual health will often have a positive impact on his enlargement routines. 

After all, sexual health, potency, stamina, testosterone, and sex drive are all interconnected, contributing in one way or another to our ability to lengthen and strengthen our penis. 

As an added benefit, there is a certain “snowball effect” associated with taking multiple approaches to male enhancement, which can be a major boon for men who feel they’ve plateaued and don’t know where to turn. 

At the same time, if you’re just getting started with male enhancement, the paragraphs below might help you see better results more quickly than with exercises alone.  

Taking all of this into account, in this article we’re going to take a closer look at essential oils, which are concentrated extracts taken from plants and other natural sources. 

Though it might sound like something your wife or girlfriend should be into, there’s actually a shocking amount of real science backing up how extracts can give your enlargement routine, and your sexual health a major boost. 

Ginger Essential Oil for Male Enhancement


Even if the concept of extracts and essential oils is completely foreign to you, it’s near impossible for you to be unaware of the many health benefits associated with ginger. 

In fact, this powerful root and its active ingredient, gingerol, have been used for centuries to treat everything from nausea and stomach pains to inflammation, muscle pain, and blood pressure issues. 

However, one of the properties of ginger that you often don’t see in mainstream reports is the direct effect it has on male sexual health. 

For instance: 

Ginger Oil Improves Semen Quality

According to several international studies, ginger extract can greatly increase the overall quality of male semen. 

In fact, regularly taking ginger has been shown to affect the seminal concentration, motility, viability, and morphology, ensuring that more individual sperm are healthy, properly formed, and ready to do their job. 

At the same time, ginger helps decrease oxidative damage to our cells, increasing the production of necessary elements like nitric oxide and providing our bodies with manganese, a vital mineral for proper organ function. 

Researchers also noted that DNA fragmentation was significantly reduced in subjects taking ginger on a regular basis, helping ensure that each sperm’s payload is free of damaged DNA strands.  

Obviously, this research should be of vital importance to anyone who is attempting to have children. 

However, at the same time, healthy semen is a hallmark trait of any healthy man, and is something to strive for regardless of your age or family situation.  

Ginger Oil Can Boost Testosterone

Ginger’s benefits don’t stop at increasing the quality of our semen. 

A study published in the National Library of Medicine revealed this magical root also helps enhance testosterone production. 

In fact, according to tests, ginger supplementation can increase the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) while also raising the amount of cholesterol present in the testes. 

And remember, your testicles use cholesterol to manufacture testosterone, so this is a good thing.

At the same time, high amounts of ginger extract can reduce oxidative stress and the peroxidation of lipids in the testicles, helping them grow larger and heavier. 

This is obviously of great concern for male enhancement enthusiasts, as testicular size is something many men find very hard to affect. 

Ginger Oil Can Lead to Harder Erections

No matter how much attention we pay to our sexual health, the simple facts of aging will have a dramatic impact on our erections. 

Among the most common problems are a loss of rigidity and a noted change in erection angle from nearly vertical to mostly horizontal. 

At the same time, older men will begin to lose their ability to hold blood in the penis, eventually leading to full-on erectile dysfunction. 

Yet again, ginger comes to the rescue – specifically, the K. parviflora rhizome, which is more commonly known as black ginger. 

In a recent study of males age 50-68 with mild erectile issues, it was discovered that proper and regular administration of the K. parviflora rhizome helped improve erectile function and quality in a significant number of patients in just 30 days. 

Ginger Oil Helps Prevent Testicular Atrophy

“Atrophy” is not a word men want associated with any part of their body, let alone their testicles. 

However, it is possible for the testicles to shrink and lose some of their function due to injury, certain health conditions, and chemical exposure. 

To make matters worse, this condition is largely associated with a decreased sex drive, reduced muscle mass, and infertility. 

As with erectile dysfunction, a certain amount of testicular atrophy is to be expected as we age. 

After all, where women go through a process called menopause, men go through andropause, which is directly related to low testosterone levels. 

Fortunately, recent studies indicated that cold-pressed ginger oil, which is rich in bioactive phytochemicals, can promote general testicular health while also staving off atrophy and “shrinkage.”  

Garlic Essential Oil for Male Enhancement


Garlic has been used for thousands of years to serve a wide variety of purposes. 

Aside from being a staple in cuisines around the world, garlic has also been proven to combat sicknesses like the common cold, reduce blood pressure, and improve cholesterol levels, which can reduce our risk of heart disease. 

Garlic is also extremely rich in antioxidants, as well as nutrients like manganese, fiber, selenium, and Vitamin B6. 

Of course, as you’ll see, new research also indicates that garlic extracts can have a significant effect on male sexual health. 

For instance: 

Garlic Oil Can Boost Testosterone Production

Though garlic breath might be associated with a bad date, research suggests it can lead to a great hook up. 

Much like ginger, researchers have reported that regularly using garlic oil can increase the presence of luteinizing hormone while stimulating testosterone production. 

At the same time, garlic can interact with various male hormone receptors to help the body better regulate its testosterone levels. 

The aspects of garlic doing much of this heavy lifting include a virtually unpronounceable compound called diallyldisulfide as well as extremely high levels of Vitamin B6. 

In fact, a deficiency in B6 has been widely reported in many diagnoses of “Low-T” individuals. 

As if this wasn’t impressive enough, garlic has also been proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is a major barrier to male enhancement techniques. 

Garlic Oil Can Improve Testicle Function

As we mentioned above, there are certain effects of aging that are relatively unavoidable, including some loss of testicular function. 

Moreover, certain illnesses and injuries can exacerbate testicular problems, resulting in lowered testosterone production, smaller testes, and other  problems. 

However, studies indicate that, when used in moderation garlic oil helped shield the testes from a condition known as “testicular toxicity,” which can result from a lifetime of eating fried foods cooked in rancid oils. 

Moreover, researchers theorize that prolonged use of garlic will actually improve testicular function over time. 

Cinnamon Essential Oil for Male Enhancement


Cinnamon is quite possibly one of the most popular (and widely used) spices in the world. 

However, the fact that it is so common today actually makes us forget that it used to be both exceptionally rare, and highly prized among ancient health practitioners. 

After all, cinnamon actually comes from the inner bark of a tree native only to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India. 

The reason why we tend to see it in hard, curled sticks is because removing it means taking a large spatula and scraping the bark into ribbons, which are then dried. 

Of course, the reason for cinnamon’s popularity among early homeopaths had less to do with pumpkin spiced cappuccinos and more to do with its medicinal proprieties. 

For instance, it is absolutely loaded with antioxidants, which are helpful for reducing the damage caused by free radicals. 

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, can help protect against cancer, and has a variety of benefits for our cardiovascular system. 

By now, you should see a pattern in what these miracle plants can do. Still, let’s discuss the specifics of how cinnamon extract can benefit male sexual health.  

Cinnamon Oil Can Boost Male Hormone Production

Studies continually show that cinnamon oil has a positive effect on spermatogenesis, which is the process of producing mature, healthy sperm. 

Not only do males who take cinnamon regularly have higher numbers of Sertoli cells, spermatid, and spermatogonia, but the cells were all of much higher quality than those of males untreated with cinnamon extracts. 

At the same time, cinnamon has been shown to have a positive effect on male hormone concentration, particularly LH, FSH, and testosterone. 

As we’ve mentioned time and time again in this article, maintaining healthy testosterone levels is key to a healthy male sex life and maximizing any potential for male enhancement. 

Cinnamon Oil Can Increase Testicle Weight

In addition to the properties listed above, Cinnamon extracts contain oils, tannins, and terpenoids, all of which have a variety of effects on the male reproductive system. 

In fact, one study confirmed that regular doses of cinnamon extract actually increased the weight of testicles, and significantly increased sperm concentration, motility, and viability in just 30 days!

As an added benefit, other studies have concluded that cinnamon can drastically reduce damage to the testicles from age and various health problems. 

On top of this, males treated with cinnamon extract also saw a marked increase in antioxidant capacity and lipid peroxidation, which reduced damage to the testes from oxidative stress markers. 

Cinnamon Oil Boosts Sperm Counts

Yet another study of cinnamon oil found that it was capable of significantly increasing overall sperm quality. 

This was evidenced by higher levels of SOD, CAT, and GPX (which are important seminal fluid components) as well as a decreased level of plasma. 

At the same time, the actual concentration of individual sperm was significantly increased, as was the health and quality of the individual cells. 


What I have outlined here are three essential extracts that have been scientifically proven to dramatically affect male sexual health. 

Indeed, when combined, you will have created a unique recipe for your own seminal and testicular health. 

In some cases, researchers have even been able to draw a straight line between the benefits of these extracts and larger testes, or healthier, stronger erections. 

Whether you’re just getting into penis enlargement or have been training for years, ginger, cinnamon, and garlic essential oils are well worth your consideration. 

With their ability to significantly affect testosterone production, increase sperm quality and quantity, and prevent damage to your testicles, these ancient health solutions might be the missing puzzle piece to your male enhancement routine. 


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