Despite having near-infinite amounts of information at our fingertips, many of us men still have many questions about our penises. 

And while it might seem trite compared to the more philosophical issues of the age, there’s no denying the vital role that penis confidence plays in a man’s life. 

You see, whether we like it or not, what we’re packing in our trousers (or, more likely, how we feel about what we’re packing in our trousers) can have a dramatic effect on our mental health. 

Indeed, there are entire psychological models explicitly designed to track all the ways that our cultural obsession with penis size continues to shape relationships, our society, and more. 

On this site alone, we’ve posted tens of thousands of words informing men of the average penis size around the world.

We’ve discussed the percentage of men who actually have “large” penises , and dispelled rumors about height, foot size, and more.

Still, the question remains for many men: is five inches enough?

In this article, we’ll take a look at why we have “size anxiety,” revisit the international penis size average and attempt to answer the above question to the best of our ability. 

Lastly, we’ll talk about arguably the most important thing regarding penis size: whether or not you have to live with what you’re born with. 

Hint: the answer is “no.” 

The Basis for 5 Inch “Penis Anxiety”


No matter how advanced we become as a civilization or society, certain aspects of our more primal selves will always remain. 

For instance, we will likely always associate a big, muscular man with strength, and a small, frail man with weakness. 

Whether or not the later has a black belt in Muay Thai doesn’t matter, because we are genuinely a very visual species. 

So, while we’ve traded in our huts for modern apartments, there are still certain things that both males and females associate with masculinity, power, and virility. 

One of these things is a large penis, or, at least, larger than average. 

In fact, one study performed in 2008 found that 68% of men polled had concerns about their penis size, which is a pretty disconcerting number. 

Of course, there is more to how masculine we feel than just what we think. 

In fact, in many cases, penis anxiety hinges on our presuppositions about what women want or expect from a sexual partner. 

This particular problem has actually increased dramatically in recent years – mostly due to the wide accessibility of pornography and the fact that more women than ever are watching it. 

After all, not only does a lot of porn focus on large-sized penises as a selling point, the presence of so many “gifted” actors helps reinforce untrue stereotypes about what the average man is packing.

5-Inch Penis? Here’s the Bad News


There’s no getting around the fact that a penis measuring five inches in length is not likely to leave anyone particularly impressed. 

In fact, according to one of the most comprehensive studies ever performed on the topic, a 5-incher is actually slightly below the average of 5.16 inches. 

Though there’s obviously nothing inherently wrong with being average, it’s possible for all the factors we mentioned in the last section to wreak havoc on an average-endowed man’s self-confidence. 

You also need to consider the following: 

1. Size Does Matter – Some studies seem to reveal that both men and women prefer larger-than-average penis sizes. 

That said, this had less to do with the physical pleasure derived from them, and more to do with the mental association that comes with having a partner with a larger than average penis. 

On top of this, reports state that most women only prefer larger sizes for short-term relationships as opposed to long-term partners. 

2. Satisfying Women May be Harder – One stereotype that definitely holds true is that women can be difficult to please. 

In fact, around 75% of women cannot achieve orgasm from intercourse alone (no hands, toys, etc.). 

On top of this, around 10% will never orgasm at all, no matter how good the circumstances. 

However, of the women who do achieve orgasm via intercourse alone, the majority report it to be much easier to reach climax with a larger penis than a smaller one. 

3. You Might Have to Compensate – No, we’re not talking about buying a giant truck. 

Instead, we’re talking about your skills in the bedroom. 

You see, our modern society has ensured that we all travel in relatively close-knit social circles. 

If you have even one close female friend, no doubt you’ve heard a story or two about her or a friend encountering a large penis. 

It doesn’t take a degree in psychoanalysis to realize that her report is all the resume the man in question will ever need.

In short: guys who have larger penises often get a reputation that they can use to be more successful with women. 

If “Average Joes” want the same sort of reputation, they better learn to use what they have (and use it well). 

This often means lasting longer, using your hands more, and generally putting in more effort than the bigger guys. 

Now for the Good News


Despite everything written above, the overwhelming majority of studies still indicate that penis size is of little consequence to women overall. 

Sure, a larger penis might help them achieve orgasm more easily, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t climax with an average-sized or even a small one. 

Here are a few more facts to consider:  

1. Most Women Don’t Care – One of the most extensive studies ever conducted on the subject (involving 52,000 individuals) found that 85% of women were perfectly satisfied with their partner’s penis size. 

Looking at the how rare large penises actually are, it’s fair to assume that the vast majority of that 85% were with men who had average-sized penises. 

2. Those “Pleasurements” Are Usually Focused on Girth – Remember when I mentioned that most women rely on larger penises in order to stimulate orgasm? 

Well, it turns out that the girth of your penis is actually more stimulating to the female sexual anatomy than length. 

After all, the average vagina is only about four inches deep. So if length is all you have, you’re not pleasuring more than just a cervix.  

3. Both Your Length and Girth Can Be Increased – For all the naysayers that continue to swear that you need to make do with what you’re born with, science wholeheartedly disagrees on whether or not you can increase the size of your penis. 

All you need is some dedication, a deep knowledge of your own body, and one or more “catalysts” for growth. 

By catalysts, we’re referring to specific “triggers” that prime your penis for growth. Increased testosterone levels? That’s one. 

Special nutrients from food or plants? That’s another. 

Then, of course, you have a variety of time-tested exercises designed to stretch various parts of your penis, increase its ability to hold blood, or both. 

You see, the penis is an extremely malleable organ. 

Rather than being constrained in its proportions, it is actually specifically designed to grow! 

In fact, many experts agree that the average man can add an inch to their length while also increasing thickness, providing they stick to a proper routine. 

Is a 5 Inch Penis Small-Conclusion:

Ultimately, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your 5-inch penis. 

As you are only .16 inches from the average, chances are the majority of women you encounter have mostly seen penises just like yours. 

Moreover, if pleasing women is all you’re concerned about when it comes to your size, there are a million ways to curl a woman’s toes before you even take your pants off (but that’s for a different website). 

All of that said, it is important to take note of the psychological effects associated with penis anxiety. 

In a lot of cases, these are caused by societal factors (such as the growing prevalence of porn) combined with various throwbacks to our pre-evolutionary nature. 

Either way, there is a confidence and an assumed level of masculinity that comes with having a larger-than-average penis. 

Whatever the reason, if you’re dissatisfied, you need to know there are solutions to the problem. 

As we mentioned, the male penis has more potential for growth than many of us realize. 

With a simple supplement routine, a change in diet, and a dedicated exercise schedule, nearly any man can add an inch to their length while also increasing their girth. 

So, to answer the question posed in the article headline: no, your 5-inch penis is not “small.” 

It’s actually perfectly average. But if increasing your size is so easy, why be content with that? 

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