You’ve spent a year (or more) growing your penis with exercises that took time, effort, and discomfort.


The next step is spending a few months watching your member shrink back to normal or near normal size.

Unless you take steps to cement your gains.

Let’s talk about how that works, why it’s important, and the best methods for making it happen.

Why Cement Enlargement Gains?

Human skin and tissue is elastic. It will stretch under pressure (like hanging or extension devices) just like the elastic in your underwear.

But, also just like your underwear, it has a tendency to return to its baseline state once the pressure is removed.

Permanent penis enlargement relies on stretching the tissues until the elastic gives up. Back to our underwear analogy, you’ve seen this happen as your skivvies wear out.

Without cementing, your enlargement gains will disappear just like those boxers when you’re not wearing them. With cementing, they will eventually establish a new, longer baseline state.

How to Cement Enlargement Gains?

Most of the cementing techniques men use apply the same concepts as penis enlargement exercises, only less intensely. In fact, you’ll notice that most of them are lower-impact versions of standard penis enlargement regimens.

Here are the five I most highly recommend:

Light Weight Hanging

Penis hanging is exactly what it sounds like. You use a rig to attach weights to your penis, and use the weight to pull down on and stretch out the tissue. It’s one of the two most popular methods for growing your penis.

Light weight hanging means using lower weights – but the same amount of time – to stretch your penis to its current (extended) length. Over time, this moves that baseline state until the tissues in your member no longer want to retract.

Read more about penis hanging HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • Find out how much weight you need by starting at half the weight you used to gain length, then do some measuring and trial & error
  • Hang just once or twice a week
  • You can wear rings or golf weights instead of a full rig if you want a less involved process

Traction Wrapping

Traction wrapping uses medical wraps to keep your penis in that elongated state for a long period of time. You stretch your member, then wrap it snugly using a sports bandage up to the base of the glans.

This keeps your penis from retracting for as long as you wear the wrap. Some people use it to help cement gains during the enlargement period, but you can also use it during your cementing phase. The concepts are the same.

Short version top tips:

  • Self-adhering sports bandages are the easiest to use
  • Wrap from the base of your glans to the base of your shaft for best results
  • Wear the wrap for several hours, but stop when it gets uncomfortable
  • Some people report that doing Kegels while wrapped can help cement girth gains, or even grow your glans

Low Tension Extending

Penis extension devices provide the most clinically supported method for penis enlargement (source).

It consists of attaching a rig to your penis that holds it in a stretched position.

The same technique works for cementing your gains, with one difference. Instead of stretching your penis out to the most tension you can stand, you stretch it out just to the length you want to keep it at.

Read more about penis extending HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • How much tension you use will be a matter of trial & error
  • Use the extender just two or three times per week


These two similar techniques work the same. With edging you masturbate to full hardness and keep yourself there without orgasming. With ballooning, you get yourself to erection with pressure in one area, then perform Kegels to keep it hard.

Both work well to keep your penis erect and extended long enough to cement gains once you have them.

These exercises accomplish this by keeping blood in the penis for longer than normal, thus stretching out the elastic tissue like a rubber band wrapped around a poster for years in storage.

As a bonus, both also have benefits for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Read more on edging HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • Balloon or edge for at least 20 minutes to achieve good cementing
  • Don’t use porn to get or maintain an erection for these (even though both feel a lot like masturbating). Too much porn can harm your penis enlargement and cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Try reverse Kegels (anal breathing) during the sessions to increase its impact

Low Volume Jelqing

Jelqing is a process where you use your hand to push blood into your penis and keep it there to stretch the tissues. At high volumes it’s powerful enough to grow the penis long-term.

You can use low-volume jelqs to keep the tissue stretched while not pushing as intensely as needed to grow your penis. The exercises you do are the same, just keep the sessions shorter and do fewer reps.

Read more on jelqing HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • Start with 100 or so reps twice a week, at 50% erect, and adjust as your results require
  • Use dry or wet jelqing, depending on your preferences

I can’t say one of these is better than another for everybody…but you’ll probably find that one or two will work better for you.

Perform Piss Pulls

A piss pull is is a simple technique for cementing gains that you should do every time you pee.

Once you’ve finished with your bathroom activities, grab your penis by the flesh just behind the glans then pull it so that it’s stretched just about to the point of discomfort.

Once there, hold your grip for a slow two-second count, then slowly reduce tension while maintaining your grip.

Doing at least 20-30 repetitions of this exercise every time you’re in the bathroom will be a big help in cementing your enlargement gains.

Read more on piss pulls HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • Doing piss pulls every time you go to the bathroom will help cement gains
  • Try to do at least 20 reps after every bathroom break
  • Don’t stretch your penis too much – you want just slight discomfort

Do Bed Fowfers

Bed fowfers help you take advantage of all that time you’re wasting while you sleep!

Now, you might be thinking that you’re absolutely not supposed to use enlargement methods like extenders while asleep – and you’d be right.

The good news is that bed fowfers are safe to do while you sleep.

To do a bed fowfer, lay in bed and tuck the head of your penis in between your legs.

Reach around your back, grab your shaft, and pull it through your legs as tight as you can.

Make sure you don’t cause yourself any pain when you do this. Then, close your legs on your shaft to keep it in place.

Bed fowfers help keep your penis stretched in a safe way while you’re asleep.

This will help you cement your enlargement gains.

You may need to re-tuck as the fowfer comes out during the night, but any enlargement time you get overnight is time gained.

Read more on bed fowfers HERE.

Short version top tips:

  • Bed fowfers are safe to do while you sleep
  • You can setup easily and without equipment
  • Don’t pull or stretch your penis too much – there should be no pain

Cement Enlargement Gains – Conclusion:

Unless you were enlarging your penis to win a bet, or to impress somebody you just broke up with, you have to cement your gains.

Growing your penis temporarily defeats the purpose of growing your penis.

Though we haven’t seen any clinical studies on how long you should use cementing techniques, experienced people have reported pretty similar results.

Keep up your cementing program for 9 to 12 months, then measure weekly. If your penis starts to shrink, it’s back to cementing for another month.

Keep at it until you no longer lose gains.

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