Penis Extender vs. Penis Enlargement Pills

If you want a larger penis, you have three routes to choose from:

  • Stretching your penis with equipment like a penis extender
  • Undergoing penis enlargement surgery
  • Taking penis enlargement pills

We can eliminate enlargement surgery right away.

That stuff costs thousands of dollars and puts you under general anesthesia — which can kill you. It’s for extreme cases only, and yours isn’t an extreme case.

That leaves penis stretching and penis enlargement pills. So let’s compare the two.

For pills, the comparison is easy. We’ll look at the methods, costs, risks, and results of taking penis enlargement supplements as advertised on the web.

For penis stretching, we need to choose a method to make a meaningful comparison.

For that method, we’ll go with using a penis extender. It’s the only penis enlargement exercise that has been repeatedly proven to work in clinical trials.

Let’s get started…

Penis Extender vs. Penis Enlargement Pills: How they Work

Before we can compare them, we should make sure we all know what each of these two options means, and how they work to grow your penis.

Penis Extenders are plastic devices that go over your penis and hold it in an elongated position. Over the course of wearing one the tissues in your penis permanently stretch out to a longer state (think about an older rubber band).

Penis Enlargement Pills work with your body chemistry — usually blood flow — to increase the size of your penis. The specific physiological mechanic differs from pill to pill, but usually they stimulate hormone production or improve blood flow.

Despite anything else we talk about moving forward, the best penis enlargement method is the one you’ll use regularly enough to see results. If either of these methods is a deal-breaker for you, you should use the other one.

It beats saying you’ll do something you won’t, then never growing your penis at all.

Extender vs. Pills: Gains

According to more than one study, adding an inch of length to your penis is six to twelve months is what you can expect to gain on average from using a penis extender (source).

Some studies have found larger gains, but that one-inch mark shows up again and again.

You’ll see emails and “reports” claiming you can add four inches or more to your penis by using the right kind of pill.

That said, no study has confirmed any permanent growth from taking pills. Word on PE forums and the like report some growth, but usually less than an inch.

Winner: Penis Extender

Extender vs. Pills: Duration

Using a penis extender provides permanent gains after a period of a few months where you cement your gains using a different set of exercises.

Age, nutrition, and other factors may reduce your size, but those factors would have an impact whether or not you did any penis extension work. The loss would come from whatever baseline you established.

Most penis enlargement pills work using the same mechanic as Viagra.

They increase your blood flow temporarily, giving you a larger erection than you would normally experience. It works for an hour or two, but then the gains vanish.

Hormone-based enlargement pills work by stimulating your body to produce hormones that can increase the size of your member (usually testosterone). These have impacts that last longer, but only as long as you keep the supplement in your system.

Once you stop taking them, the residual presence vanishes after a few weeks and you lose your gains.

Winner: Penis Extender

Extender vs. Pills: Convenience

Wearing a penis extender means putting your penis in the extender device for 6 to 8 hours most days in each week, and continuing to do so for weeks and months.

You can wear the penis extender under loose clothing, but it is a commitment of time and does restrict your motion.

Taking penis extension pills is like taking any other supplement you use for your health. You find a way to remember to take them regularly, then you down them with one or two of your meals.

The rest of the time — assuming you have no side effects — you don’t have to think about them.

Learning curve is also an issue here.

It takes a little while to figure out how to strap your unit into a penis extender. The devices are unfamiliar to most men, and a little complicated. You’ve known how to swallow pills since you were in grade school.

Winner: Penis Enlargement Pills

Extender vs. Pills: Cost

This one’s simple to analyze.

A penis extension device will set you back $100 to $300, depending on the make and model, and what features you want.

Penis enlargement pills cost less: expect to pay $30 to $60 for a month’s supply, though some cost much less or more.

However, you have to keep buying them. It takes less than six months of taking enlargement pills to pay the cost of even the most expensive penis extender.

And you have to take those pills consistently, for the rest of your sex life.

Winner: Penis Extender

Extender vs. Pills: Risks

Neither of these options come with considerable risk.

If you wear a penis extender, you can damage your penis through overtraining or through cutting off circulation to and in your member. But only if you do it wrong, and ignore the safety instructions.

If you use penis enlargement pills, your only real risks are overdose and some kind of allergic reaction or drug interaction.

All three can be avoided by doing the appropriate research ahead of time to know what you’re allergic to, how much you should take, and whether or not it plays well with medications you’re already on.

Winner: Tie. 

Penis Extender vs. Penis Enlargement Pills: Conclusion

Let’s run the numbers.

In the analysis above, we rated penis extenders vs. penis enlargement pills on five measures. Penis extenders one three categories. Penis enlargement pills won one.

They tied for risk, as both are very safe if you use them right.

The winner is clear: men who are serious about penis enlargement should choose a penis extender.

There really is no substitute.