If your penis is smaller than you’d like, you have two options.

You can do stretch your penis to make it bigger, or you can go have cosmetic surgery to get the job done.

Well, I guess you have a third option: just living with your small penis. But if you were happy with that, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So let’s compare and contrast these two journeys to bigger junk,  and see which is better for you.

The Basics

We’ll look at the details of each later on, but here’s the front-page news for both options.

With a penis extender, you strap your penis into a device which stretches its skin consistently for weeks and months. As the skin stretches, the “new normal” for your penis size gets bigger.

With penis surgery, you undergo one of two kinds of operations that add length and/or girth (or the appearance of either) to your member.

Two very different solutions to the same problem — so different it’s pretty obvious that one or the other will be the better choice for most men.

Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery: The Process

Penis Extender: You put your penis into a penis extender, which you attach to the base and near the glans.

Using the internal mechanism of the device, you — well, you extend your penis (hence the name). You then put on some loose pants and wear the extender for six to eight hours a day.

Over time, the stretching makes the tissue in your penis permanently expand. Expanded tissue = larger penis.

Penis Surgery: Two procedures for penis enlargement exist.

  • Ligament cutting, in which the surgeon cuts the ligament connecting your penis to your pelvic bone. This lets your member hang looser, giving it an inch or so of extra visible length.
  • Grafting, where the surgeon implants silicone, fat, or tissue into your penis. This directly adds bulk to your member like with those collagen injections some women get in their lips.

Winner: Penis Extender. Although neither process is quick and simple, wearing a device on the outside of your body is less invasive and painful than being cut on by a surgeon.

It’s also worth noting that both procedures require months to a year of after-care stretching.

This prevents the penis from retracting back to its natural size — a process we call turtlingwhich is a natural reaction to stretching from your elastic skin tissues.

Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery: The Costs

Penis Extender: Depending on which brand you buy, a penis extender will set you back between $100 and $400. You can purchase some creams and supplements, etc, but you don’t have to.

Penis Surgery: Like all surgical procedures, this option is far from cheap. Taking into account the different price of the two options, plus regional variances, the operation will cost between $3,500 and $9,500.

Winner: Penis Extender. They cost between 1/10th and 1/30th the price of surgery.

Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery: The Risks

Penis Extender: This process is not without its risks. Overtraining — wearing the extender for too long, too soon — can result in reduced gains, and erectile dysfunction.

Worse, the extender can reduce circulation in your penis. If you don’t regularly massage it to restore blood flow, you can suffer from tissue damage up to and including necrosis of the skin in your penis.

Penis Surgery: With this option, you suffer all the risks of any surgery:

  • Infection in the incisions after the operation
  • Medical errors resulting in injury
  • Complications from anesthesia, up to and including death
  • Paralysis and loss of feeling in the affected area
  • Scarring

Winner: Penis Extender. The risks of surgery far outweigh the risks of what amounts to a stretching routine.

For my money, it’s also important that with a penis extender, you are in control of the risks.

If you catch symptoms of overtraining, you can back off and give yourself time to recover. If you massage your penis regularly, you don’t have to worry about circulation issues.

With surgery, whether or not you get injured or die is up to the doctor, and his nurses, and the anesthesiologist.

It can even be up to what kind of infections other people at the hospital just randomly have. You have no way to impact how much risk you’re under. I find that situation much scarier.

Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery: The Timeline

Penis Extender: Though results vary, men in various studies saw meaningful results in 3-6 months (source).

Expect to spend longer to max out your gains, and make them permanent — up to a year or more.

Penis Surgery: After you book your surgery — which can mean a wait of weeks or months — you’ll see results immediately. You will have a brief recovery period of up to a month before it does you any good.

Winner: Penis Surgery. A month of recovery is way shorter than a half-year to a year.

Penis Extender vs. Penis Surgery: The Results

Penis Extender: On average, men in studies that used penis extenders gained between 1 and 2 inches over the course of their treatment.

Gains directly correlated with the amount of time men spent in an extender daily, and how long they wore the device.

Penis Surgery: You can sort of “custom order” your gains from penis surgery,  but the average man can gain up to 1 to 2 inches from tissue grafts and about an inch from ligament cutting.

Winner: Tie. Both methods offer approximately the same gains.


Under comparison, using a penis extender to grow your unit beats going under the knife on three out of five points of comparison, with one tie.

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll have noticed that most of my articles present the information and leave it to the reader to make their own decision. In this case, that wouldn’t be responsible.

Gentlemen, a penis extender is the far superior way to add inches of length and girth.

Only opt for surgery if you’re in such a hurry you don’t mind a more invasive procedure, thousands in extra expenses, and higher risks for the same results.

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