Is your Penis Too Small?

If so, we’ve already discussed how you can gain an inch in a year or less on This Page.

But today, we’re going to talk about a penis enlargement plan that will increase both length and girth.


Because while length in itself is impressive, a longer, thicker penis is even more impressive.

This plan is going to involve minimal manual work…

And is going to focus on mostly hands-free methods that require time, but not much effort on your part.

Penis too Small – Fix Number 1:

Use a Penis Extender for several hours a day to target length.

Like the name suggests, penis extenders stretch the tissues in your penis to make your member longer over time.

Although you’ve probably read claims that penis enlargement equipment doesn’t work, a variety of clinical studies have found penis extenders to, in fact, extend penises:

  • A 2005 study in China of 30 men across all adult age groups found subjects’ penis length  grew about an inch after wearing a penis extender for just three months.
  • Doctors in Russia in 2005 used a combination of hormone treatments and penis extender use, with a 2.5 inch gain after six months. Some of the subjects required the hormone treatments first because their units were too small to use an extender.
  • In Italy, in 2009, researchers found an average length gain of ¾ inch for their subjects after 6 months, and a 36% improvement in erectile quality (source).
  • A 2009 Canadian study of 21 patients found an average length gain of 32% and an average girth gain of 36% after five months (source).

What’s more, researches have conducted studies on how a penis extender can change the shape of an penis.

Research in Spain in 2013, and in Chicago in 2008, both took subjects whose penises were misshapen from disease or injury. They had the subjects use a penis extender device for six months.

Both studies found the extender could alter the shape of the penis, for example straightening a penis so curved the patient couldn’t have sex.

Penis extenders are the most clinically supported and reliable method for making your penis larger. They’re also one of the more complex methods.

Read this article for complete details on using a penis extender safely and effectively.

And remember…

Every hour or so, take off the extender and massage your penis to make sure you have sufficient circulation (poor circulation is the fastest, easiest way to damage your penis during this process).

Wear it daily for best results.

Penis too Small – Fix Number 2:

This one-two punch directly addresses size by stretching your penis from the inside, then from the outside to cement your gains.

You work it in three phases: dry jelqing in the morning, wet jelqing in the shower, and traction wrapping for a few hours.

It starts with dry jelqing.

Jelqing is basically the first two-thirds of masturbating, but you focus on the blood flow into your penis instead of getting sexually excited or reaching orgasm.

Dry jelqing means you do it without benefit of lubrication. Click here for full details on how to dry jelq for great gains.

Set your alarm about 20 minutes early and dry jelq before you even get out of bed. Then, give yourself a few extra minutes in the shower for a session of wet jelqing.

Wet jelqing works largely the same way, but you get lubrication from the shower — and some men report the added heat expands your penis tissue further.

Click here for full details on the perfect wet jelq method.

Once you get out and dry off, take an ace bandage and traction wrap your penis.

Traction wrapping keeps your penis in its stretched and enlarged state, even after the blood flow from the jelqing retreats back into the rest of your body.

This article has instructions on how to traction wrap properly.

All together, your dry jelqing stretches your penis tissue. The wet jelqing then stretches it further. Then the traction wrap keeps it stretched for as many hours as you can handle it.

WARNING: every hour or so, unwrap your penis and massage it to ensure proper blood flow, then wrap it back up. As with the extender, traction wrapping’s biggest danger is poor blood flow to the tissues in your penis.

Penis too Small – Fix Number 3:

Okay. First things first.

Cock rings are for men with some penis enlargement experience. It’s a little riskier, a little more technical, and a little less comfortable than extenders or traction wrapping.

But, once you’re used to it and sure you’ll be safe, it’s a convenient way to keep working your gains program for hours on end.

Cock rings are used to improve sexual performance by trapping blood in the penis. This keeps you harder for longer, letting you have sex with your partner until she’s done with you.

The same mechanic can grow your penis, using the trapped blood to stretch your penile tissues.

You’ll want to check manufacturer instructions for the exact method of using any given cock ring. They’re simpler devices, but with just enough variation you want to double-check.

You’ll find the best methods and safety tips on cock rings on this page, but here’s the basics:

Step One: Lube up your penis lightly with the substance of your choice. The same stuff you use for sex should be fine.

Step Two: Slip on the cock ring according to manufacturer instructions.

Step Three: Wear it under your clothes.

Most men can only wear the cock ring for 30 minutes at first, even after experience with other methods.

You can work your way up to some pretty impressive workouts though, as long as you regularly take the ring off and renew circulation to your package.                          

Penis Too Small – Conclusion:

Some lucky men have a penis of average or greater length and girth. Those men don’t need to to penis enlargement exercises at all.

Others have fine girth, but short penises, or long penises with narrow girth.

They should focus on an exercise program that provides the specialized growth they need.

But for men with less girth and less length than they want, the best plan is to do exercises that improve all aspects of their size.

If you work this program, being certain to be safe from overtraining, you will experience noticeable gains in no time.

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