If you are reading this, chances are you feel like your penis is small.

Or smaller than you’d like. Or too small to make your partner feel like you’d like her to feel.

Whichever it is, you have a problem.

The first step in solving any problem is figuring out why a problem exists. Otherwise you can waste time, money, and energy on a solution that doesn’t actually fix anything.

So we start solving your small penis problem by asking a simple question….

Why is My Penis Small?

A lot of factors can cause, or contribute to, having a small penis. But they all fall into three general categories:

  1. Things you can’t do anything about directly
  2. Things you can do something about by yourself
  3. Things you can do something about, but only with medical help

For most men, penis size is the result of multiple factors. As I said before, knowing what reason or reasons are behind your own size issues is vital to figuring out how you can solve them.

Things You Can’t Do Anything About

Three factors in a man’s body, that he has no control over (initially at least), can cause a small penis.

These are genetics, injury, and aging.

Genetics. Genetics forms the “baseline state” for many aspects of your body and your health. Thus, men from Ghana have penises which are on average an inch longer than men from Iceland, whose penises are an inch and a half longer than those of Malaysians.

Injury. This one is simple, if not depressing. Certain injuries (and certain illnesses) can take inches off the old member. You can’t do any more about this than you can about losing an arm in a car wreck.

Aging. As men age, their blood flow and their testosterone production take a hit. Both of these are directly involved in how large your erect penis is, and can impact your flaccid penis size as well.

The bad news is you can’t change your DNA, go back in time to prevent an injury, or stop the aging process.

The good news is that none of these factors prevent you from doing things to increase your penis size.

They’ll reduce your baseline, and maybe limit your gains, but that’s it. You can’t do anything about these causes, but you can do things to counteract them.

Things You Can do to Fix a Small Penis Yourself

Three answers to the question of “Why is my penis small” fall directly under your personal control: excessive masturbation, low testosterone, and your diet & lifestyle.

Excessive masturbation to porn alters your body’s testosterone / dopamine output. We’re not 100% clear on why (and we’re really not sure why this happens when you jack off, but not when you have sex), but it does.

Low testosterone and reduced dopamine function reduces the strength of your erections, and can lead to hypogonadism: the shrinking of your testes.

Masturbation to porn can also harm your efforts to grow your penis through enlargement exercises due to these negative hormonal changes.

Low testosterone, as we said, hurts your baseline penis size and makes it tough to get the kind of major erection that shows off what you do have (source).

In some cases, reduced testosterone is caused by hormonal problems that can be tough to fix. (see below).

Other times, you can up your testosterone through a combination of activities that either stimulate your body to produce more, or prevent your body from destroying what you have.

Diet & Lifestyle. Some lifestyles are bad for the size of your penis, the health of your erections, and your production of testosterone. A few quick fixes can really help both your penis size, and your general health and well-being.

For example, simply changing your diet can address several factors that impact the size of your member. So can getting better sleep and exercising your body more frequently.

This category of causes for your small penis is the best category, because everything is within your control.

Stop masturbating to porn, live a healthier lifestyle, and engage in activities that boost testosterone. You might be surprised what a difference it makes.

Things You Need Help to Fix

Some things are fixable, but require the help of a medical professional to provide that fix. I’m not a fan of Big Medicine or Big Pharma, but in a few cases their help is…um…helpful.

In many others, you could make the fixes happen on your own, but the law requires a prescription or access to equipment too expensive for you to buy on your own. So you still need some help to get the job done.

The majority of these problems fall under the category of “horomone issues.”

Hormone issues include medically low testosterone, but also an array of other issues. Sometimes it’s an overproduction of estrogen, or it could even be a lack of the vitamins and minerals needed to make your sex hormones.

Whatever the specifics, you’ll need at least a doctor visit to determine the exact problem and the best solution.

Sometimes you’ll need further care to carry out the solution, and sometimes you’ll be able to handle it on your own.

It’s also extremely important to reduce your exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are bad because they can actually cause atrophy of the penis and testicles. The hard truth is that these chemicals are found in a ton of products that most men use daily.

I’m talking about stuff like sunscreen, hair gel, shaving cream, cologne, lotion, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner. There are more than 13,000 chemicals used across all these types of products that are dangerous to the health of your package.

These chemicals can cause all kinds of trouble for the health of your junk including testicular atrophy, gynecomastia (man-boobs), low sperm counts, and decreased testosterone levels.

Some of the worst offenders out there are found in a shocking number of common products health and beauty products. Phenoxyethanol is found in most cosmetics and is a proven endocrine disruptor. Triclosan is another that’s proven to significantly lower thyroid stimulating hormone and testosterone levels in rodents (and most likely humans).

One of the worst ones for men is Phthalates, a chemical that wreaks havoc on testosterone production, reduces semen quality, and does direct damage to the leydig cells in your testicles.

This is another good news/bad news category. The good news is you can directly address the problems causing your small penis.

The bad news is you’ll have to pay (and often pay big) to solve those problems.

Why is My Penis Small – Conclusion:

It’s important to understand why your penis is small, so you know what methods will best fix the problem. If it’s something you can directly solve, great!

Use the resources elsewhere on this website and get to work.

If it’s something you can’t do anything about directly, all is not lost. I mentioned earlier that you can do things to counteract the small size or shrinkage.

A consistent, dedicated regimen of penis enlargement exercises — like jelqing, stretching, and using a penis extender — will make your penis larger no matter what size it is right now.

For men born with a small penis, that means a larger penis than you’ve ever had.

For men whose penises have shrunk over the past few years, it at least means restoring your member to its former glory.

And if you’re committed and consistent, it can even grow bigger and better than ever.

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