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Does Tongkat ali increase penis size?

Achieving significant penile growth with herbs alone is not possible.

But some herbs have the ability to speed up your gains, enhance the volume of your penis and boost testicle size and function.

This is especially true with Tongkat ali.

Tongkat Ali Boosts Testosterone

Millions of people around the world rely on daily herbal medicines as a remedy for numerous acute and chronic ailments. 

In South-East Asia, men use Tongkat ali to combat stress to improve physical strength and well-being. 

As many know, this means achieving the right balance between two hormones that are very important to male sexual health: cortisol and testosterone. 

Up to 80% of all men will experience “aging male symptoms”, otherwise known as testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS). 

TDS is characterized by numerous symptoms, including low libido, increased fast mass, fatigue, and penile atrophy.

Conventional methods for treating TDS is through testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). 

Tongkat Ali is a natural alternative to TRT, as it has been shown to restore testosterone levels, and thus significantly improve sexual health and well-being. 

Clinical results show that the treatment of TDS patients with Tongkat ali extracts significantly improved testosterone concentrations.

One study of 76 patients suffering from TDS involved treatment with 200 mg of Tongkat ali for 1 month. 

Before treatment, only 35% of patients tested had normal testosterone levels, while after treatment, 91% of the patients tested had testosterone levels in the normal range. 

In another study, Tongkat ali supplementation resulted in testosterone values that were increased by 37% relative to placebo. 

In clinical studies on mice, scientists discovered that supplementing with Tongkat ali increased their testosterone levels by up to 440%.

The primary means of increased levels of testosterone is not a result of the body increasing the amount of testosterone it produces; it instead increases bioavailability—the body’s ability to use testosterone that is already present. 

Since testosterone is used by doctors to treat the clinical condition of micropenis, supplementation with Tongkat ali to higher testosterone levels should enhance your enlargement routines.

Tongkat Ali Reduces Cortisol

But one shouldn’t focus solely on increasing testosterone as an end-all, as several other hormones play a key role in testosterone’s function and overall male sexual health. 

Cortisol is one of these key hormones that should not be overlooked. Tongkat ali can play a key role in the regulation of cortisol. 

Cortisol, also known as “the stress hormone”, is what is known as antagonistic to testosterone. 

In other words, cortisol works against testosterone to block its effects on the body, which contributes to penile atrophy. 

For those wanting to reap the benefits of higher testosterone levels, managing cortisol is key. 

Tongkat ali has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia for treating lethargy, low libido, depression, and fatigue—all symptoms of a cortisol-testosterone imbalance. 

Clinical studies have validated what those in that part of the world already indirectly knew— Tongkat ali is effective at restoring cortisol-testosterone balance and improving psychological mood state in humans exposed to various modern stressors, including aging, dieting, and exercise stress.

In one study, Tongkat ali supplementation of 200 mg/day for 4 weeks resulted in salivary cortisol levels being lowered significantly—16% compared to placebo. 

In another trial, this one involving endurance cyclists, cortisol levels were lowered by a massive 32% and testosterone levels increased by 16% relative to placebo. 

For those looking to lose weight, reducing cortisol levels can help in achieving weight loss goals, as high levels of cortisol lead to insulin resistance, which leads to weight gain. 

And if weight loss isn’t enough, lowering levels of cortisol promotes an anabolic state within the body, which increases protein synthesis (i.e. builds muscles). 

Therefore, it is plain to see that in addition to increasing testosterone levels, it is also important to manage and reduce cortisol levels to ensure that testosterone, and its effects, can be maximized to their full potential. 

Tongkat Ali Lowers The Effects of Estrogen

Men produce both estrogen and testosterone. However, high levels of estrogen in men is not conducive to ideal testicular or penile function. 

Tongkat ali heightens reproductive function by inhibiting the effects of an excessive estrogen state. 

Studies examining the therapeutic use of estrogens by men indicates that estrogen leads to testicular atrophy with markedly reduced spermatogenesis (sperm-production and development). 

Tongkat ali extract acts as a potential agent for reversing these effects of estrogen by increasing spermatogenesis and sperm counts. 

This was demonstrated in rat studies that showed an increase in spermatogenic cells and an increased percentage of motile sperms in Tongkat ali-treated groups. 

What these studies show is that in situations where there is an excess of estrogen or deficiency in testosterone, Tongkat ali may be able to act as a remedy for the condition.

Specifically, Tongkat ali has shown promise as a supplement for treating fertility conditions caused by testosterone deficiency or estrogen excess.

Tongkat Ali Increases Ejaculation Volume

As a result of controlling these hormone levels, Tongkat ali can help give men an added kick in the bedroom. And by “kick”, this means greater ejaculation volume and higher quality semen. 

Studies involving men suffering from idiopathic infertility looked at semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm motility. 

An increase in seminal volume was observed when the treatment of 100 mg twice daily dose of Tongkat ali was introduced. Furthermore, spontaneous pregnancies were achieved in 14.7% of couples in the study.

In another study, men treated with Tongkat ali showed: 

  • 44% increase in sperm motility, and
  •  18% increase in semen volume by the end of treatment. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your fertility, or if you just want a bigger “finish” in the bedroom, these studies show that Tongkat ali is worth exploring. 

Tongkat Ali Increases Sex Drive

Tongkat ali has been reputed as an aphrodisiac and remedy for decreased male libido for centuries, but only in recent years have news of its benefits made its way “across the pond”. 

To evaluate the validity of these centuries-old claims, a group study was carried out to investigate the clinical evidence of Tongkat ali as an aphrodisiac and libido enhancer in men. 

The 12-week study involved 109 men between 30 and 55 years of age consisted of either treatment with 300 mg of Tongkat ali or placebo. 

The Tongkat ali group shows a 14% increase in libido by the end of the twelfth week relative to placebo. 

For those looking to tighten up their physique, this same study also showed subjects with a BMI of 25 or higher had significantly improved in fat mass loss.

Aphrodisiac effect markers have also been monitored in rat studies. The results showed that 800 mg/kg of Tongkat ali increased markers from: 

  • 16% to 50% in sexually sluggish old male rats
  • 31% to 719% in sexually active male rats. 

And yes, you did read that right— that’s a 719% increase in the upper range.

Since libido is one of the first complaints men have regarding hormonal imbalances, being able to address low sex drive with an herbal supplement is welcome news, especially for those who want to stay on the all-natural route. 

Tongkat Ali Enhances Erections

When discussing hormone-related sexual health, the complaint that reigns supreme among men is—you guessed it— erections.

In Southeastern Asian lore of libido-enhancing effects, erections and libido are often synonymous.

Therefore, it is no surprise that if we take a look at Tongkat ali’s efficacy when it comes to enhancing erections, we find that there may be something to this claim. 

Studies examining Tongkat ali’s ability to treat erectile dysfunction indicate that it does work. 

One study looked at 109 men aged 30-55 and found that Tongkat ali taken at 300 mgs elevated scores on the International Index of Erectile Function Scores (an erectile function questionnaire).

The mechanism for this is believed to be a specific molecule (9-hydroxycanthin-6-one) present in Tongkat ali. 

This molecule acts on the tissues in the penis that expand to contain blood during an erection. 

The action results in smooth muscle relaxation and allows for greater blood flow in the penis, and thus, an enhanced erection. 

While studies are still ongoing as to all the mechanisms at play, based on the success it’s had in human and animal trials, Tongkat ali is a supplement that is worth keeping an eye on if you are looking for natural enhancement. 

Tongkat Ali Improves Body Composition

Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels in men, which comes with many benefits. Some of the benefits of increased testosterone include increases in fat free mass, muscle strength, and muscle mass.

Tongkat Ali can increase testosterone levels – because of this, it has also been shown to improve body composition.

That means that the herb is able to help burn fat and build muscle, something which almost all men can agree is beneficial not only to physical health, but also sexual confidence.

Building muscle and burning fat with Tongkat Ali isn’t a baseless claim – these properties of the herb have been verified by numerous scientific studies around the world.

In a 2016 study, researchers looked at Tongkat Ali as an ergogenic aid. They defined an ergogenic aid as any method which enhances energy production, control, and efficiency in the human body.

In other words, ergogenic aids are able to enhance physical performance by maximizing energy efficiency within the body.

Results of that study led the research team to believe that Tongkat Ali should be classified as an ergogenic plant (source).

In another study, a small group of men was tested during an intense strength training routine over the course of five weeks.

During the training, half of the subjects ingested 100 mg per day of water soluble Tongkat Ali extract. The other half took a placebo.

Exercise intensity was increased incrementally over the course of the study for both groups.

The researchers measured body composition, arm circumference, and one repetition maximum weight to gauge the results of the study.

The first measurements were done one day before the study began, and the final measurements were taken one day after the study concluded.

The biggest result was that in the test group, lean body mass (muscle mass) increased significantly when compared to the placebo group.

Body fat decreased for both groups, but this decrease was larger for the test group.

One repetition maximum also increased for both groups, but again the increase was larger for the test group.

The overall increase in strength in the test group was also shown to be larger than in the placebo group.

These researchers also concluded that Tongkat Ali was effective as an ergogenic aid, but suggested that further studies be done to better understand these effects.

All these results give some compelling evidence that taking Tongkat Ali in combination with exercise can have great benefits.

It appears that the herb can help improve body composition by increasing muscle mass, reducing body fat, and improving overall muscle strength and size.

Does Tongkat Ali Increase Penis Size Conclusion:

More testosterone, less estrogen and cortisol, stronger erections, increased ejaculation volume, and elevated fertility are all good targets to shoot for.

Because when you’re sitting in this pocket, your body is going to be much more responsive to your penis enlargement routines. 

Tongkat ali is not a magic pill that will do all the heavy lifting for you, but it will help you increase your penis size faster and more effectively.

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Lim, P. H. (2017, April). Asian herbals and aphrodisiacs used for managing ED. Transl Androl Urol. 2017 Apr;6(2):167-175.

















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