When it comes to the subject of penis growth and enlargement, there is often a lot of discussion regarding the shaft of the penis. 

After all, most men and women tend to think in terms of length, girth, inches, etc. 

However, the glans, or head of the penis, can be just as important to male and female pleasure. 

Moreover, penile glans enlargement is possible with the proper techniques. 

In the following article, we’ll go over precisely what the glans is, how it’s important to sexual attraction and intercourse, and what can be done for those dissatisfied with their glans’ shape and size. 

What is a Penile Glans?

If you’re circumcised, you should already have a pretty close relationship with the “head” or glans of your penis. 

If you’re not circumcised, it’s likely that this part of your anatomy spends most of its time inside of your foreskin, only making an appearance when you have an erection. 

Either way, all glans function in the same way…

They allow us to penetrate the vaginal opening. They are soft and cushiony to absorb the impact of sex.

And they are covered in tiny nerve endings that help contribute to the pleasure of intercourse. 

Perhaps most obviously, the glans serves as the opening of the penis, from which men both urinate and ejaculate. 

In medical terms, the glans is a mass of spongy tissue. 

It is most often larger in diameter than the penis’s shaft, hence why it is referred to as the “head.” of the penis 

Though it might sound strange, the penis glans is actually very closely related to the female clitoris.

In fact, the former actually evolves from the same tissues as the latter during fetal development. 

When it comes to stimulation, most men report that their glans is the most sensitive part of their penis. 

At the same time, women report that the size and shape of the glans can have a significant impact on their experience, though no studies are available to explain exactly how. 

The glans is also famously considered the “personality” of the penis, and are considered by most women to be what gives each member its character. 

How To Enlarge the Penile Glans

It has long been known that you can alter the size and shape of your penis glans in a number of ways. 

What people tend not to agree on, however, is the best and most effective way to do so. 

Below, we’ll discuss some of these techniques in detail, go over the positives and negatives, and attempt to provide you with the insight you need to make the right choice. 

1. Hyaluronic Acid Injections into the Penile Glans

If the word “acid” hasn’t made you run for the hills already, the type of acid we’re talking about is not the type that burns or melts. 

Hyaluronic Acid occurs in the body naturally and is prominently found in your joints, eyes, and skin. 

It is also a major ingredient in many cosmetics thanks to its moisturizing properties. 

In determining the best way to augment or enlarge a soft, spongy piece of tissue like the penis glans, plastic surgeons have decided that Hyaluronic Acid is just the thing. 

Their method, however, leaves a little bit to be desired, as it involves direct injection at the site. 

It’s worth noting that this procedure uses a numbing agent, and most patients report feeling no pain and minimal soreness. 

That said, as with any sort of injection, there is always the chance that something will go wrong or the patient may have an allergic reaction. 

Remember, you’re getting an injection at one of your body’s most sensitive parts – there is going to be a bit of risk! 

Perhaps most concerning are the results and the costs associated with this procedure. 

In fact, most men report that they needed regular injections in order to keep their glans from “deflating” back to the normal size. 

At somewhere around $2000 a pop for an appointment, enlarging your glans this way means putting quite the dent in your wallet. 

2. Jelqing For Penile Glans Enlargement

If you’ve spent any time around penile enhancement forums, you’ve probably heard about an exercise technique known as jelqing. 

In essence, this is a stretching method designed to help you slowly expand the limits of how much blood your penis can hold, therefore enlarging it. 

Though exercises vary, the most effective technique for glans enlargement works as follows: 

  • Grab the base of your erection with your off hand using a medium, “OK” grip. Do not attempt to squeeze too hard unless you’ve already practiced these techniques when not fully erect. 
  • Form your dominant hand into a reverse OK grip and place it around your penis base as well. Your hands should be side-by-side at the shaft, with your thumbs touching. 
  • Wrap the fingers of your strong hand around your penis, slowly pushing blood up the shaft toward the head. Start with your middle finger, then add your ring and pinky fingers. 
  • Squeeze at 90% strength for around 15 seconds. 
  • Your fingers should be focusing their pressure on the blood vessels of the Corpus Spongium, forcing blood through these vessels and up into the glans. 
  • NOTE: If you notice any numbness or tingling sensations, let go immediately. 
  • Perform this exercise regularly to expand the blood vessels and train your glans to accept more blood. 

Now, exercises exist for nearly every muscle in your body. No doubt, you’ve seen what happens when you regularly train your arms, legs, or torso. 

Your penis, or in this case, your glans, is no different… 

Through jelqing, you can slowly increase the amount of blood that your penis takes in when erect, resulting in a permanent change in size and appearance. 

Read more about jelqing here.

3. Edging to Make the Penile Head Bigger

Edging has grown in popularity in recent years, but mostly as a way of prolonging ejaculation and gaining more control over “the big moment.” 

However, numerous first hand reports have shown that regularly edging with the right technique can also help contribute to penis growth – even the glans. 

As a matter of fact, the unusually large average penis size of instutionalized mental patients has been attributed to their compulsive edging or masturbation habits.

In general, edging is the process of bringing yourself as close as possible to orgasm before ceasing stimulation. 

For men with a lot of control over their bodies, this is the physical equivalent of “thinking about baseball.” 

However, as with jelqing, edging fills your penis up with blood and keeps it there over a long period of time.

This can have a very profound effect on the elastic tissues in your penis, which are already specifically designed to help your penis grow. 

In this case, you’re simply helping your penis grow bigger by stretching those tissues and blood vessels to their maximum. 

 As with any other type of workout, once you reach a plateau, you increase the maximum. 

Read this article to learn how to edge properly.

4. Traction Wrapping to Enlarge the Penis Glans

After a hard workout at the gym, you might eat a protein-rich meal, take a smoothie packed with muscle-growing supplements, or ice yourself down to soothe those sore, overworked muscles. 

Similarly, if you’re going to attempt to grow your penis glans with jelqing and edging exercises, you need to take steps to cement those gains

After all, just as the blood vessels and tissues in your penis can expand, they can also shrink back to normal size. 

Unfortunately, this is precisely what will happen if you don’t make the right post-workout choices. 

This brings us to the “traction wrap.” 

This is where you wrap your penis in order to keep it in an elongated position for a longer period of time. 

Used after exercising and stretching, this can prevent your penis from returning to its previous state and keep enough pressure on the tissues of your member to see significant results. 

Here’s a brief overview of traction wrapping…

  • Gently stretch your penis with your off-hand. 
  • Using your other hand, move as much blood into the glans as possible.
  • Using self-adhering bandages or sports wraps, wrap your penis shaft from the base of your shaft to the base of your glans. 
  • Keep your penis wrapped this way for several hours. 
  • As the blood drains out of the tip, do Kegels to push more blood back in, keeping the glans as full as possible. 

Penile Glans EnlargementConclusion

When it comes to bettering ourselves and our bodies, there is almost always a medical shortcut. 

However, time and time again these procedures shown themselves to be less effective, more expensive, and far more dangerous than tried-and-true self-improvement methods that have been around for centuries. 

Rather than risking your penis and your pocketbook with expensive injections, I highly suggest developing a penis exercise routine that consists of jelqing, edging, and traction wrapping. 

This puts the safety of your most private parts in your own hands, while also ensuring that you get to see the results as you practice. 

Trust me – there’s nothing more inspiring than the first time you (or your partner) notices the difference.  

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