Penis training is no gimmick.

You know that squats make your legs stronger.  You meditate to make your mind stronger, and do voice exercises if you want to sing like a rockstar.

Exercise works. If you want a harder, stronger, longer-lasting erection, guess what I’m going to recommend?

Penis TrainingTip #1: Jelqing

This is a form of penis massage that stimulates blood flow to the organ, which we like for several reasons:

  • It brings more nutrients into the tissue in and around your penis
  • It breaks down calcium deposits in nearby blood vessels, improving blood flow
  • It can gently stretch penile tissue giving you larger erections

It’s so good for your penis it has been successfully tested and used as a method for treating erectile dysfunction (source).

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Warm up your penis either by sitting in a bath or wrapping it in a warm towel, either for about 5-10 minutes.
  2. Apply some lube to your junk
  3. Make an “OK” sign with your right hand, with the O around the base of your shaft, as close to your balls as you can get it
  4. Squeeze gently and slide your hand toward the head of your penis
  5. Stop just below the glans – that’s the base of the head. BUT DO NOT LET GO YET
  6. Make an “OK” sign with your other hand, placed where you started with the right hand.
  7. Release your right hand, then repeat steps 4 & 5 with the left.
  8. Keep it up until you’ve done each hand 25 times – a total of 50.

Do this once a day. I prefer mornings, since I can shower first and warm everything up. But whatever works for you.

One other thing here. This looks a lot like masturbating, and can sometimes feel a lot like masturbating…and can sometimes tempt you to just go ahead and masturbate. Resist that temptation.

Masturbating to orgasm can have hormonal impacts that harm your erectile and sexual health. So exercise when it’s time to exercise, and save “fun time” for when you’re with your partner.

(read more about jelqing here)

Penis training tip #2: Pelvic Floor Exercises 

Although a lot of what goes on with erections is automatic, governed by blood flow, the muscles of your pelvic floor play an important support role. It’s their contraction and pull that stimulates you to orgasm, and keeps your blood in the penis once it flows there.

The more powerful and toned those muscles are, the harder your erections will be and the faster your “reload” times will get (source).

Here’s how you do it:

Start by figuring out which muscles to flex. Next time you’re peeing, imagine suddenly having to stop for an emergency and stop the flow. The muscles you engaged to do that are the muscles you need to work with pelvic floor exercises.

Now, for the exercise:

  1. Sit someplace comfortable and relax.
  2. Inhale deeply.
  3. Flex the muscles group. You should feel a tightening near your testicles.
  4. Count to 10.
  5. Relax and exhale.
  6. Repeat for a total of 25 reps.

I recommend doing these exercises three times each day, when you sit down to each of your meals. Or you can just set an alarm on your phone for a good time in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Penis training tip #3: Penis Pumping

Yeah, okay. Not all men are ready to take this step. But let me ask you: are you embarrassed to need weights to make your chest and arms big? No.

Studies prove these things work for erectile problems of all sorts (source), so it’s okay to man up and use the tools available to get the results you want.

Penis pumps use a vacuum tube to bring a lot of blood to your penis, and keep it there long enough to give all the benefits of jelqing. Clinical results show more reliable performance – upwards of 90% for penis pump users.

Which makes sense. It’s like the difference between pushups and powerlifting.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Warm up by sitting in a warm bath or wrapping in a hot towel for about ten minutes.
  2. Lube up with your favorite lube. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP
  3. Insert your penis in the cavity of your pump until the base is against your abdomen, with your testicles outside the cavity.
  4. Use the specific pump’s directions to properly seal the pump and pump out the air.
  5. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, keeping an eye on the air pressure gauge to make sure it doesn’t get too high.
  6. Trigger the release to restore normal air pressure, then remove the pump.

You only need to do this once every two or three days to see results.

Penis training tip #4 The Chinese Deer Method

WARNING! Never google Chinese Deer Penis.

This technique has its roots in the same exercise regimen that spawned tai chi and qigong, and gets its name from the fact that the Chinese consider deer a super-virile animal. Think about westerners and rabbits.

It’s a little “woo-woo” since it relies on energy flow and dreams, but it works better than you might think.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Get into bed, nude or in loose pajamas
  2. Rub your hands together Mister Miyagi style to get them good and warm
  3. Cup your testicles with your right hand and gently squeeze
  4. Put your left palm flat on the space between your belly button and the top of your shaft
  5. Press gently with your left hand and make 81 small circles
  6. Switch hands and do it all again
  7. Let yourself fall into a relaxed and natural position
  8. Perform your pelvic floor exercises, 10 reps, with a count of five in between
  9. Relax and go to sleep

Doing it exactly 81 times probably isn’t completely necessary. Chinese medicine and energy practices are sometimes oddly specific.

Then again, ancient Chinese doctors don’t come over here telling us how to make Big Macs and deliver pizzas, do they?

Penis training tip #5 Morning Wood Stimulation

Morning wood is both a strong indicator of sexual health and a key to improving your libido and erectile function if you have trouble.

It’s an indicator because having some degree of morning wood is the normal state for a healthy penis. If yours is soft or often absent, that’s a good sign you should start doing some exercise.

It’s a key to improvement because in the morning your body has the most testosterone it will have at any point during the day…which means you’ll have a better chance of achieving an erection with a little help than you will after you get out of bed.

The act of having an erection stimulates testosterone production. That’s right. Testosterone helps with erections, and erections help with testosterone.

So if you take a few moments to just massage yourself to stiffness in the morning, it will improve your ability to get hard later, and the reaches of hardness you can achieve.

Just remember: like with jelqing, do not give in to the temptation to turn this into a full-on fap session. That’s counterproductive. Share those happy endings with somebody you love.

Penis Training – Conclusion:

One final note here: beware of overtraining! Just like with all other kinds of exercise, too much, too vigorously, and for too long can damage the tissues you’re trying to train.

That results in worse penis health, since the harmed tissues can’t heal and recover in between sessions, and become less likely to give you the strong, hard penis you’re working toward.

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