If you and your partner have ever thought about experimenting with different sex toys, you likely have come across penis sleeves is your search online.

A penis sleeve, sometimes referred to as a cock sleeve, penis enhancer or penis extender, is a device which is worn over the penis to enhance both the girth and length of the male genitalia. 

Unlike a strap-on or other similar sex toys, the penis sleeve allows you to enjoy all the thrills and sensations of sex, while providing your partner with an exciting new experience in the bedroom. 

These sleeves can also be used as a masturbation device by men who enjoy a snug-fit when seeking a little self-love. 

Penis sleeves are often molded to resemble a penis, sometimes on a much larger scale. 

Sleeves come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors, enabling you to choose the toy that provides the most pleasure for you and your partner. 

Penis-sleeves even come with vibrating options, creating a one-of-a-kind sexual experience during sex or other play! 

This device fits tightly over the man’s penis, with some devices featuring an attached loop at the bottom that fits securely around the testicles. 

The attached loop ensures that the penis sleeve will not slide off during sex or other play, no matter how vigorous and excited the participants choose to get. 

Sleeves can be made from a myriad of different materials, including malleable silicon, rubber, or latex.

Choosing the material that feels best is entirely up to the preferences of the user, so don’t be shy about trying a few out!

Who Should Try a Penis Sleeve?

In short, a penis sleeve is not just for men of smaller stature or those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. 

These creative sex toys can provide ANY user with a new and enjoyable sensation during sex, no matter what size or shape your penis is. 

For men who are seeking a new experience when masturbating, the penis sleeve can be a great option, emulating real sex with the tight-fit and smooth texture, providing a sensation unlike anything you have felt before!

Penis sleeves were originally created in the 1960s as a way for men with erectile dysfunction to maintain erections for extended periods of time and please their partner or spouse during sex. 

After ED medications like Viagra were created, penis sleeves evolved from necessary tools to fun toys to use on occasion. 

Today, millions of couples across the globe discreetly use a penis sleeve in the bedroom, as these toys can add an often much needed variability to their sex lives, or can even be used when a man is having trouble ‘keeping it up.’ 

Alternatively, if you are one of the billions around the world who can sometimes ejaculate prematurely, penis sleeves can be a great option for you! 

These devices allow a male to continue having sex, long after he has ejaculated. Allowing you to satisfy your sexual partner when the mind is willing but the body has already blown its load. 

So, is a penis sleeve right for you? Millions of satisfied customers in almost every country across the world would say yes!  

How to Use a Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve can be used in one of two ways.

First, the device can be worn over the male’s penis during sex, as a way to change the shape, length and feel of the man’s penis. 

Secondly, a penis sleeve can be lubricated on the inside, allowing the man to slide the sleeve over his penis, as a fun new storking-device used to masturabate. 

Below, we will overview the proper procedures to follow when using the sleeve for either of these two options. 

How to Use a Penis Sleeve During Sex:

If you and your partner have decided to give a penis sleeve, or penis extender a try in the bedroom as a way to spice up your sex life, then carefully follow the instructions below to ensure that your first time using your new toy is as pleasurable as possible!

  1. Put on the penis sleeve (detailed instructions on fitting the penis sleeve are outlined below) If your sleeve is made of rubber or stiff silicone, adding a very small amount of lubrication to the inside is advisable to help reduce friction on the penis during use. 
  2. Lubricate the front and sides of the sleeve, using a water-based lubricant specifically designed for sexual intercourse (the larger the penis sleeve is, the more lubricant you will need). 
  3. Lubricate your partner’s vagina or anus, depending on your preferred sexual act. 
  4. Slowly insert the device into your partner, ensuring that the entirety of the tool is lubricated (you don’t want any friction!)
  5. If the sleeve has a large extension at the front, you may need to provide support to the tip when first inserting the device into your partner.
  6. Proceed slowly at first during the beginning, as the lubricant will need a few pumps to properly spread to the entire surface area of the sleeve. 
  7. Once your partner has confirmed that there is no friction when moving in-and-out, proceed as your normally would with sex at your desired speed!

How to Use a Penis Sleeve for Masturbation

Millions of men choose to use these devices not only for sex, but also as a creative way to please themselves when they are in need of a little self-love! 

If you plan to use your new penis sleeve as a fun new stroking-device to masturbate, follow these instructions. 

  1. Before fitting the sleeve onto your penis, lubricate the inside of the device. 
  2. Lubricate the tip and sides of your penis.
  3. Slowly insert the device over the head of your penis, using a twisting motion to ensure the lubrication properly spreads over the entire surface area of the penis.
  4. Once the device feels completely slippery without any friction, begin using the sleeve in a stroking motion, exactly how you would during normal masturbation. 
  5. Enjoy!

How Do I Put On a Penis Sleeve?

If you plan to try out a penis sleeve during sexual intercourse, properly fitting the device onto your penis is a vital step to ensure that the experience is enjoyable for both parties. So before you start pumping away, follow these instructions when fitting the sleeve to your penis. 

  1. Your penis should be erect when first fitting the sleeve onto your manhood.
  2. Depending on what material your cock sleeve is made of, you may want to add a small amount of lubricant to the inside of the device. A stiff silicon or rubber sleeve will often require a few small drops of lubricant to prevent any uncomfortable friction on the penis during use. If the sleeve is made of a malleable, skin-realistic material, no lubricant is required inside the device. Too much lubricant on the inside of the device can cause the sleeve to move around or slide off during use. 
  3. Stretch the opening at the bottom of the sleeve apart with your fingers, creating an opening large enough for your penis to slide in unimpeded. If the device is made of malleable material, roll the ends outwards towards the tip of the device. If your selected sleeve is made of latex, then you will need to roll the sleeve onto your penis, similar to how you would put on a condom. 
  4. Push your penis all the way into the sleeve as far as it will go. If there is too much friction to properly insert your penis all the way in, use a small amount of lubricant. 
  5. If you rolled the ends of the sleeve back before insertion, now unroll the device into its original state. 
  6. If your sleeve features a ring or ‘ball-strap’, carefully wrap the strap around the base of your testicles, adjusting it into a comfortable position. 

Now that you have properly put on your sleeve and adjusted it to your preferred placement and setting, you can now enjoy your fun new sex toy with your partner!

When To Wear a Penis Sleeve

If you have a male or female partner who has a desire or fetish for large sex toys, then trying out a penis sleeve in the bedroom is a great way to keep things interesting during sex. 

A vibrating penis sleeve can be an excellent choice for those with female partners who have trouble orgasming from penetration alone.

There are also penis sleeves on the market which feature clitoral stimulators which many woman find to be amazing during sex. 

So, when is the best time to wear a penis sleeve? Well that entirely depends on when you and your partner are feeling frisky enough to try something new and add a little zest to your sex life!

What Does it Feel Like to Wear a Penis Sleeve?

A penis sleeve feels very similar to wearing a condom, only with thicker sides and tip.

However, despite your first impressions, the penis sleeve does not entirely deprive a man of all the exquisite sensations of sex during intercourse. 

Sex can still be amazing for men when wearing a sleeve or extender, with many men finding they love wearing these devices during sex! 

For men who sometimes ejaculate prematurely, the penis sleeve is a god-send, as it can allow any man to last longer in bed without removing all the enjoyment and carnal pleasures of sex. 

Selecting a penis sleeve with the right materials and girth is essential to the enjoyment of both the man who wears it and the partner on the receiving end, so trying out a few different materials before selecting your go-to penis sleeve can be a wise choice!

Cleaning Your Penis Sleeve

Just as you do with your body, it is important to clean your device after every use during sex.

To clean your penis sleeve, follow these instructions carefully:

  1. If you have ejaculated inside the penis sleeve, carefully remove it, pinching the end as not to spill any liquids on the floor or bed. 
  2. Empty the contents of the sleeve down the drain or toilet, whichever you prefer.
  3. Take the sleeve to the sink, rinsing the both the inside and outside of the device with warm water. 
  4. Using a sex-toy specific cleaner or a non-scented antibacterial soap (non-scented will help avoid any unwanted irritation during use), slowly clean the inside and outside of the sleeve. 
  5. After you have given the sleeve a thorough scrubbing, rinse the toy again with warm water, ensuring that no soap or cleaner residue is left anywhere on the device. 
  6. Feel around and in the sleeve for any remaining lubricant, repeating these steps until no lubricant is found on your penis sleeve. 

Where to Store Your Penis Sleeve

Store your penis sleeve just as you would any other vibrator or dildo.

Keeping your sex toys in a cool, dry place is essential to maintaining the quality of your device, as excessive heat can cause toys to melt or deform. 

We recommend storing the penis sleeve in its original box or packing, or a similar storage space if you prefer. 

Proper storage will ensure that your penis sleeve lasts you a lifetime and will provide you and your partner with never-ending pleasure for years to come! 

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